Hannah Mother of Samuel

Hannah, Mother of Samuel                               1Samuel 2.1-10


The Long Night

long period of anarchy - no king & no god in Israel (Jdg17.6 / 21.25)

real Need: not for a king, but for revival of true religion - in heart of nation

enter Samuel - Judge, Priest, Prophet - raised by God - & a godly woman


Noble Elkanah - 1Samuel1.1-8

from the 'Watch Towers' in Mts of Ephraim, 15 miles from Shiloh

spiritual leader - whole family goes to Shiloh annually (also v21)

loving husband - aware, caring, comforting his troubled wife



two wives, Peninnah and Hannah: one fruitful, the other barren

taking advantage of time near tabernacle to taunt with her 'curse'

reducing occasion for worship - thru harassment - into severe trial


Hand of Yahweh

still 'present' at tabernacle - after all these years of being neglected

certainly working - in Hannah's life - to close her womb or to open it

perceived by faith - to worship and to pray to - by the faithful


Hannah's Plea - 1Samuel1.9-18

comes to tabernacle, near Eli, and prays silently for help

a vow of dedication: Lord - look, remember, give / and I will give

defending her honor to priest / and resting content in prayer


Wholly Devoted - 1Samuel1.19-28

Hannah asked and God answered > so "Samuel" born

committed in her intent to dedicate this son to Yahweh

Delivered: weaned, clothed, brought, and given - as promised


Hannah's Praise (1Sam2.1-10)

1 Joyful in Yahweh's deliverance: "my heart, my horn, my mouth"

2 Unique and Awesome God - above all: Holy & Rock.

3 Who knows and judges our lives - don't be proud!

4-8a Stations of earth reversed. As He sees fit - Sovereign over all.

8b-10 His judgment prevails: as with nature, so with people.


A New Dawn - 1Samuel2.11 & 18-21

Eli's degenerate sons - abusing their office (1Sam2.12-17) - vile men!

Hannah supports her son - visits, clothing, love - so he can serve Yahweh.

Brave Faith in Lord of Light - to shine thru darkness, on His people.


A mighty man of God comes from a mighty mother, strong in the LORD.