Repent and Live

Repent and Live!                                                 Joel 2.11-14

When we're going the wrong way, 'God requires U-turns.'


Hear Him Calling

The Cry of the Voice in the Wilderness & the King Himself (Mt3.1&4.17).

"I am come... to call sinners to repentance (Lk5.32).

A Call to ALL: none exempted - all are perishing! Lk13.1-5 (Ax17.30).


Condition of Forgiveness

Elementary Teaching: as basic as its sister virtue, faith (Heb6.1).

Hinged to pardon - from the Lord - Acts3.19-21 (& from others - Lk17.3&4).

Tied to baptism (Mt3.11 / Mk1.4 / Lk3.3 / Ax2.38 / 13.24 / 19.4).


What IS Repentance?

Greek "metanoeo" literally = to think differently / a changed mind.

To Turn (as Ex13.17) - from sin - towards God (Ax20.21).

A reversal of mindset that leads to a reformation of behavior - and life.


Spirit of Contrition

Job says, "I abhor myself - and repent in dust and ashes" (42.6).

The real sacrifice God expects: "a broken and contrite heart" (Psalms51.17).

"According to God:" 2Cor7.8-11 - sorrow > holy zeal > victory over sin!


Living in True Repentance

"Such WERE some of you" (1Cor6.9-11). Complete leaving of all sinful relations.

Once walked in them (Col3.7) / No longer continue in sin - Rom6.1&2.

"Come Out...and be separate...perfecting holiness in the fear of God." (2Cor6.17&7.1)


"Bring Forth Fruit!"

"Works meet" - Mt3.8 = deeds appropriate / actions fitting / live suitably (Ax26.20).

The cessation of sinful activity - and a commencement of right action - is required.

Not just a lack of evil deeds, but a positive presence of profitable activity.


Believers' Repentance

For people-of-God: not rest on heritage or past performance (Lk3.7&8).

When we relapse into worldly ways: (Acts8.22) / unless we reject - Heb6.4-6.

Unto all the churches of the Lord! (Rev2.5,16,21,22 / 3.3,19)


A Gift of God

"Granted!" to Jews (Ax5.31) and Gentiles (Ax11.18) - through the gospel obedience.

As teachers' patient correction and pleading can be effectual: 2Tim2.25.

Think on His great goodness! He is "leading you to repentance" (Rom2.4).


"The Lord is ... not wishing that any should perish,

but that all should come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9)