Give Me This Mountain

"Give Me This Mountain!"                                Joshua 14.6-12


Surveying the Land

Leader in Judah (Num13.2&6), as were 11 other men, each in their tribe.

Impressed by Hebron: 250 yr old, walled city, atop 3k' ridge, home of Anakim.


Unpopular Opinion

Stilling the uprising (v30): "We should go up. We will overcome!"

Surveillance team: "We are not able. We saw the Giants!" (vs31-33)


4 men VS the nation

Moses, Aaron, Joshua, & Caleb humbled and pleading: "Do not rebel!" (14.5-9)

The Whole Church of Israel: "Stone them!" (v10)


Formidable Obstacles

Or, are we better off not knowing?! (No more 'feasibility studies.')

Fact are facts. But... Who do we trust? How do we respond?


Mirage in the Wilderness

Sentenced to 40 years w/o parole. Watching 603k soldiers drop dead.

Living on a promise: "The land on which he has set foot" (Dt1.36)


Conquest Under Joshua

Next Generation takes Canaan: East, Central, South & North campaigns.

5 years of marching & fighting to secure control of the Promised Land.


Inheritance Allotted

Each tribe receives official land-grant from Joshua at the Tabernacle (Josh13).

Caleb steps forward, an 85-yr old legend, to claim his mountain! (Josh14.12)


Hard Work of Freedom

Casting out giants, challenging brothers and owning Hebron & Debir (15.13-15).

His diligence and leadership for his family - blessing his children (vs16-19).


How to Be Like Caleb

  • Be      Confident (Josh14.6) - in the      Word of Yahweh.
  • Be      Different (vs7-8) - holding firm with a true heart.
  • Be      Devoted (v9) - following Yahweh your God fully.
  • Be      Thankful (v10) - for each day of Yahweh's provisions.
  • Be      Strong (v11) - to do the duty before you and enjoying the benefits.
  • Be      Faithful (v12) - "Yahweh is with me and I will drive them out."
  • Be      Diligent (15.14) - fight the      good fight; defeat your giants!


Be Strong & Courageous & Victorious! (Josh14.14) How? "Follow Yahweh fully."