Christ IS Risen

Christ IS Risen!                                                    1Cor15.1-11


What Did He Do?

He Lived - a perfect life - taught the kingdom & healed the sick (Mk1.14&15)

He Died - carrying the sin-guilt of all mankind to a gruesome death (1Pet2.24)

He Arose! Read John20.1-10.           What just happened here?


He Told Us So!

Rejected, Suffer, Killed - Mk8.27-33 / Give His life a ransom (Mk10.45)

[Don't miss it:] AND On the 3rd Day - Rise Again! (Mk10.34)

But, unbelievers rejected this (Jn7.35) & disciples didn't understand (Jn20.9)


Irrefutable Evidence

The Empty Tomb (of the body of Jesus) except for Linen Cloths (John20.6&7)

Eye Witnesses: to women / apostles / total 11x to many people (Ax2.32 / 3.25, etc)

Silence of His Enemies: Jews, Romans, world - no counter-'proof' ever made.


Nature of His Resurrection

Bodily: as He lived & died in the flesh, so was He raised (Jn20.12,20&27)

First-Fruits: the pinnacle, the pre-eminent One (1Cor15.20&23)

Eternal: alive to God, never to die again (Rom6.9&10)


Who Raised Jesus?

The Father (Ax10.40 / Heb13.20)

The Spirit (Rom1.4 / Heb9.14)

Jesus Did! His temple - Jn2.19/ Power to take up His life - John10.18


Resurrection Gospel

Preached Continually (Ax2.24 / 3.15 / 4.10 / 5.30 / 13.30 / 17.31) Read Ax4.2&33.

Indispensible Fact: preaching, faith, forgiveness, hope of life - 1Cor15.12-19

Believe He is Risen (Rom10.10) > Born Again to a Living Hope - 1Pet1.3& 21


Raised for Justification

He Himself is so Justified - His perfect work accepted - 1Tim3.16.

Justifies those who believe in His Resurrection - Rom4.24&25.

In position to grant the baptized a good conscience - 1Pet3.21&22.


What His Resurrection Means

Baptized to Live for God - "in the likeness of His res." (Rom6.4&5)

Our Redeemer Lives! - "to make intercession for us" (Heb7.25 / Rom8.34)

Physical Death is Conquered - 1Cor15.50, 54b-57


So? "Stand immovable, abounding in the Lord's work!" (1Cor15.58)