One Thing You Lack

"One Thing You Lack."                                                    Mark10.17-22


the tragedy of the rich young ruler (here in Mark, simply "a man.")

parallels in Mt19 ("young") & Lk18 ("ruler").


Commendable Man (v17)

Urgent: "Ran up to Him."

Respectful: "Bowed down to Him."

Spiritual: "Inherit Eternal Life."


"No One Good" (v18)

Q1: Why call me good? Do you understand what you are saying?

Only God - the Great & Eternal One - IS really Good. Q2: Who is Jesus?

Q3: What of humanity? utterly corrupt. "None Righteous." (Rom3.10).


Familiar Truth (19)

Nothing New: "the Commands" given to Israel 1500 years ago.

The will of God for man - revealed in Scripture. How Glorious!

Knowing =/= Doing. Knowing the way but not Walking the way.


"I Have Kept All These" (v20)

Presumption of Innocence. "I'm OK." The Big Lie - self-deception.

Superficial view - outward action VS Spiritual view - inward conformity.

Yet, that nagging doubt / that haunting dissatisfaction in self.


Savior's Love (v21a)

"Looking at him, loved him." Mark's telling (from Peter?) bears authenticity.

Deep Compassion - from His heart - what He came to do - for the man's good.

Expressed in words: "And Said to him..." Pay attention to this loving advice!


Just "One Thing" (v21ab)

Accessible Teaching: not a hundred things, or even 10. Just 1. Only 1. One.

Small Enough to hide under our nose / or we conveniently ignore.

Big Enough to change everything. The 'paradigm shift' that alters the universe.


The Power of One

"The way you do any thing is the way you do everything." (Martha Beck)

There are core principles that permeate all our thoughts & pervade all our actions

Tip: a Keystone habit = regular practice that has a multiplier effect in life.


One Big Step (v21b-23)

Simple =/= Easy. "Go sell all..." Divest and disperse your 'treasures.'

1) Love Yahweh God - above all material things 2) Love Neighbor as self.

Freedom from entangling attraction. Blessedness of benefiting others.



In All of Us

Common for Humanity to share in the same pitfalls (1Jn2.15-17).

We all have "1 thing:" Pride. Sex. Drugs. Anger. Fear. What's Yours?

The real Fatal Flaw: unwilling to surrender our greatest weakness.


Tragedy: Going Away Sad. Determined NOT to take the road to eternal life!

Purpose of this tragedy: cathartic - to clean our hearts of their fatal flaw.


Faith in Action

Do we trust God to provide when we hoard provisions? (1Tim6.17)

Do we say, "Yes, Lord" yet refuse to follow His instructions? (Lk6.46)

Wisdom says, "Show me your faith by your works." (James2.18)


Life in Jesus

One who was rich - yet became poor - that we might be rich. (2Cor8.9)

He gives us Himself. To have Jesus is to have eternal life! (1Jn5.11&12)

Will you walk away from Jesus today - just as you came - with your Fatal Flaw?


OR... change that one thing, follow Jesus, and have Eternal Life?