Predestined in Christ

Predestined in Christ                                                            Ephesians 1.3-11


What man builds a tower... (Lk14.28-32)? Does God not have the wisdom to plan ahead?


1. Divine Foreordination / 2. Chosen in Him / 3. Individual Salvation (more on this later)


1. Divine Foreordination

Not just Foreknowledge. God has known beforehand everything that has ever happened.

He calls things that do not yet exist - as though they did already exist (Rom4.17)!

The world from the Divine Perspective: "Declaring the End from the Beginning" - Isa46.10


Read that again (vs10&11): When He Fore-tells His plan - it is also He Who Does It!

Is Your God that Big? If He is not in Control of the Universe, then He is not God at all.

"Known unto God are all His works from the Beginning of the World" - Ax15.18 (KJV)

The One Living God - controls the domain and the dates of kingdoms (Ax17.26)


The Gospel Fore-Ordained of God:

The parables of Jesus - hidden since the foundation of the world - now declared (Mt13.35)

It was Pre-Determined that the Son of Man must be betrayed & die (Lk22.22)

He was delivered over by the Predetermined Plan and Foreknowledge of God (Ax2.23)

Herod, Pilate, Gentiles, and Israel did to Jesus just what God had Purposed (Ax4.28)

The Messiah - now shown to world - was Foreknown before ever the world was made (1Pet1.20)

The Blessed will inherit the kingdom of God Prepared from the founding of the world (Mt25.34)!

Our minds are 1,2,&5 gallon buckets, each various capacities. Is yours full yet?!


2. Chosen IN Him

The Spirit-lead apostle explains the realm / the sphere / the 'place' of God's Predestined Salvation.


Look again at Eph1.3-11...

v4 He chose us - before the foundation of the world - to be holy and blameless

v5 He predestined us - to adoption as sons - to Himself - according to His will

v9 He made known to us - the mystery of His will - which He purposed

v11 We have been predestined according to His purpose - who works all things...!


Q: Where is Divine Predestination Found? By what means does He do it?

A: "in Christ" - "In Him" - "in the Beloved" (8x)

1.4 by union with Christ through faith (see the OEB) - in this certain relationship

This fellowship possible only for those forgiven, redeemed by His blood (v7)

Note: Here God's Predestination is for the collective, the church: "us" - "we" (8x)

The Gathering of the Saved - the Church - is His Age-Old Purpose! (Eph3.10&11)

There is no salvation outside of Christ. Only those added to Christ will be saved.


3. Individual Salvation

a brief look at this aspect, for now...

Q: How do we come into this destiny? How does divine predestination work?

Quick A: Any way (however) God wants. He saves as many as He calls (Ax2.39).

Disputes about predestination arise from man attempting to explain HOW God does it.

We should rather respond with Appreciation - not Explanation (beyond what is revealed).

Some details are revealed:

The Predestined - Listen to truthful message - believe - sealed by the Holy Spirit (Eph1.13)

Loved by Lord & Chosen from the beginning for salvation - 2Thes2.13&14

            What? Sanctified by the Spirit & belief in the Truth / How? Called through the gospel.


He began a Good work in you - And He will finish what He started (Phil1.6)!