Church of New Covenant

The church of the New Covenant                                    Matthew 16.13-20



  • by Jesus, Son of God,      Himself (Mt16.13-20) [faith community - 18.17]
  • Purchased with His Blood      (Ax20.28) / Savior of the body (Eph5.23-27)
  • God's eternal plan,      fulfilled & proclaimed to the universe (Eph3.10&11)!

Q: Is the church man-made / a product of human imagination?



  • When Jesus was first proclaimed      as Master and Messiah - 3K submit (Ax2.41)
  • growing and active from      here on (17x in Acts / ch5... / 9.31)

Q: Does the church need restored or restarted again in history?



  • the kingdom (Mt16.19) - the      Lord is King
  • the body (Eph1.22&23) - Christ is Head /      bride (Rev19.7) - Jesus is Groom
  • the family (1Tim3.15 /      Heb3.6) - God is Father, Christ our Brother (Rom8.29)

Q: Is the church of the Lord a denomination? a piece of 'Christendom?'



  • Universal - One (Mt16.18      / Eph4.4)
  • Local - Many (Rom16.16 /      Gal1.2)
  • Assembly - Often (1Cor11.18      / Heb10.25)

Q: Do we speak of 'going to church?' or are we the church going to the meeting place?



  • One Head - of universal      body (Eph1.22 / Col1.18)
  • appointed leaders - of      local group (Ax14.23 / Tit1.5)
  • servants / brothers (Phil1.1)

Q: Does the church have national or regional / legal or business organization?



  • of Christ / of God - by      ownership (Rom16.16 / 1Cor11.22)
  • of just men - by      constituents (1Cor14.33 / Heb12.23)
  • of (city / area) - by      location (Rom16.1 / 1Cor1.2)

Q: Are we His church by call ourselves so? or by living so?



  • Not produced by the      church but the church produced by truth (Jn17.17)
  • The teaching is 'of      Christ' - from Him and about Him (2Jn9)
  • the same      "everywhere in every church" (1Cor4.16 / 11.16 / 14.33)

Q: Do we need to formulate creeds or catechisms to establish our doctrine?


  • worship (Lk24.52 /      Ax1.14 / 2.42 / 1Pet2.9) >      assemblies for praise
  • preaching (Mt28.19 /      Ax8.4 / 1Tim3.15) > evangelism & studies
  • serving (Rom12.6-13 /      2Cor9.12 / Eph4.12) > benevolence

Q: Is my involvement/engagement with the church optional or essential?



  • as a city set on a hill      (Mt5.14) / witness to the world (Jn13.35)
  • how we should behave in      God's family, the church (1Tim3.15)
  • Glory be to God in the      church and through Christ Jesus forever (Eph3.21)!

Q: Does my daily behavior as a saint contribute positively to the cause of Christ?