How to Save an Atheist

How to Save an Atheist                                                1Peter3.13-18


The testimony of an ex-atheist. Three (3) things converted her:

the wholesome life of real believers / record of truth in scripture / conviction of guilt in sin.


Seeing an Example

"Preach the gospel always, and if necessary, use words." - Francis of Assisi

The measure of my commitment: does my faith show in my life? (Jas1.22 / 2.18).

Bringing truth to life - showing the world what way of God looks like (Tit2.10).

So, seeing the way we behave, people will ask what we believe (1Pet3.15).

Live differently > pique their curiosity > give them that opportunity to ask.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Why listen to me? Example First, Words Second - and those with grace (Col4.5&6).

The Best Evidence for God: a transformed life. They can see Him in His people.

Think of your daily good living as your best evangelistic tool.

*(Meeting Lesson: Why I believe in God)


Having an Answer

For every effect there must be an adequate cause (1Pet3.15).

WHY do I believe what I believe? parents? tradition? reasons? proof?

Think about it. Take the time to dig deeper into your faith (2Cor13.5).

If you can't say what you're thinking, maybe you're not thinking (clearly)!

Point to the Word - quote it / reference it / speak it (cf Jn5.39 / 20.31).

The source of special faith is special revelation - the Word of Christ (Rom10.17).

None of us has all the answers - but you know Who does!

Encourage others to read for themselves - and develop their own faith.

Follow-up with a conversation about content: (Ax8.30-35).

*(Meeting Lesson: Why I believe Scripture is God's Word)


Facing Sin

It's easy to ignore/deny what you don't need: heart disease / cancer / diabetes.

Problem of Suffering: what IS the ultimate source of evil and pain in this life?

Elephant in the Room: are you a part of this fallen world? (Eph2.2, 5.6 / 2Pet1.4)

Ask direct Q's: have you ever lied? thought of hurting someone? / stolen a penny?

The obvious A: your actions have directly injured others and yourself (Psa38.18).

Note: present from a "me too" position. Confess your own sin; others will chime in.

The real Q: how are you going to make up for that? (Hint: the scales won't balance now).

1st Step to Solution: Conviction of Sin (Jn16.8) / 2nd Step: Confession (Ps51.1-4).

We Need to Know How Much We Need Jesus (Psa32.1-5 // Rom4.6-8).

When the conscience recognizes its need, the heart seeks the Savior (1Pet3.18).

*(Meeting Lesson: Why I believe Jesus is My Only Hope)


Many Evidences. *(We will explore some of these during our lessons next week.)

One Outcome: Faith in God - acknowledgment of truth - and eternal life with Him.

Bring Someone to Jesus. He will straighten them out! (Lk8.35).

Our job - like Philip's (he learned from Jesus): "Come and See!" (John1.39,42&46)