Christ Lives in Me

Christ Lives in Me!                                    Galatians 2.17-21


read vs11-16 as background

(v11) Paul calls down Peter! (v12) His preference to Jews caused him to shun Gentiles.

(v13) this behavior is systemic, an old engrained habit, and contagious to others.

(v14) Our Behavior is a direct portrayal on the principles we hold dear.

Words and Actions inconsistent with our profession point to flaws in our faith.

(v15) Yes, Peter, We are a privileged people, whom God brought near to Himself.

(v16) But, we ourselves have long known that law-keeping cannot justify us.*

We turned to Messiah precisely because only He can make us right with God!**

So, please, tell me: WHY have you turned back again to the law to be right?!!


Wrong on Grace (v17)

Being kindly, Paul says we are trying to figure 'this grace thing' out.

And, we get it wrong sometimes - lapsing back into our old ways.

But, we cast a bad reflection upon Christ & His salvation. Shame on us!


Dirty Double-Dealers (v18)

Who's fault is it if a preacher mis-represents the nature of New Covenant?

Paul states that Peter was Flip-Flopping on the essence of the gospel.

So, it is not Christ's fault, but ours - when we get the gospel wrong.


What We Really Teach

To counteract worldly notions, are we teaching a reactionary opposite?

"Legalists. Water-Dogs. Self-Righteous. The only ones going to heaven."

What are we conveying to world? 'church-ianity?' works-based salvation?


*Law is Death (v19)*

We are drawn like a moth to the brilliant fire (Divine Glory) of Mt Sinai.

Our conscious cries out for rightness. The Law replies, "What have you done?"

Pummeled into humiliation before the Law, we seek relief from God.


Justified / Made Right

The principle interest of the human heart: to be right with Creator God.

Paul personally had been struggling with this (Rom7.22-24 / Ax26.14).

Q: On what basis can I be sure God accepts me? How can I go home to Him?


Crucified with Christ (v20)

When I come to realize the precious completeness of the work of Messiah (Jer23.5&6)...

Nothing left of me - all my opinions & preferences, pride & self-rightness vanish.

He is My Everything! And all my being strains to retain and promote Him (Phil3.7-11).


**Christ is Life (v20b)**

The vital life force of Rightness in Christ is what makes a mere mortal live (Rom3.21-26)!

Even my dead life-less flesh itself is made to live by this powerful connection of faith.

The loving personal sacrifice of Messiah has given me life - & won my heart 4ever!


Premium on Grace (v21)

We must protect that which matters most: the all-sufficient grace of God in Christ.

No action or attitude can be tolerated which compromises His life-giving power.

The foundation of our salvation must be gloried in & held high - for all to see.