Qualities of Elders

The Qualities of Elders


the need

set in order / arrange lacking things - the assembly needs leaders (Tit1.5)

qualified men - not just any body will do - "overseer MUST be..." (1Tim3.2)

the world encroaches upon the church. a fight to stay pure (Ax20 / 1Tim4 / Tit1)


the standard

are any of these qualities extraordinary? or attributes of children of God.

does anyone have them in perfection? without flaw? un-improve-able?

by example and teaching, these men lead us to be like Christ.


Texts: 1Tim3 & Tit1

note: they are not identical lists. think about it. here, we merge them.



blameless = "not arrested, inculpable, un-accused" (also in 5.7 & 6.14)

no blatant fault regarding the following qualities / a man who intends to live by gospel

good record with outsiders > solid reputation even with non-Christians



watchful, self-controlled, orderly, patient > concerned about right & disciplined to do it.

NOT a drunkard, quarrelsome, brawler, greedy > avoiding wasteful and selfish behavior

experienced ('not a novice') > stable in faith, steady in commitment, reliable, proven



one-woman-man > devoted to his wife and determined to be an Eph5 husband

hospitable = lover of strangers > an open heart and hand to befriend others

'pistos' = trustworthy - as in 1Tim3.1 & Tit1.9 - 'the trustworthy word'

subordinate, trustworthy, reliable children - always respectful, under control

"rule well" - a demonstrated concern and ability to guide the lives of loved ones



instructive = communicating by teaching > knows and spreads the truth

committed to the reliable message / laboring in the teaching of the word

able to exhort in truth and to reprove error / convincing what is right


under authority

"care for God's church" (1Tim3.5) / "as God's steward" (Tit1.7) / "as God would have you..." (1Pet5.3)

NOT delegates of the members, appointed by or responsible to them

appointed by the Lord - even the Holy Spirit (Ax20.28) - responsible to Him

"who will have to give an account" (Heb13.17) / answering to the Chief Shepherd (1Pet5.4)


May we have such men to guide and to guard the Lord's people today.