Lessons from Noah's Day

Lessons from Noah's Day

Amazing how much instruction we may derive from writing of former days (~Rom15:4~)

 1. Human corruption makes God Sad - ~Gen 6:5-7~

  • Man      leaves the knowledge of God -- and stumbles down a fateful path.
  • Wickedness      grows -- and so Yahweh's frustration w/Humanity
  • Our      waywardness grieves Him -- even today (Eph4:30).

 2. God notices when one man is Right - ~Gen 6:8-10~

  • Divine      'eyes' discern every heart. Not one escapes His notice.
  • He      cares about the more state of all people.
  • Favor      -- His gracious bestowment -- manifest in the good life.

 3. Judgment will fall upon the wicked - ~Gen 6:11-13~

  • Human      creation not innately bad, but corrupts its own way.
  • God      planned harmony and friendliness. Violence corrupts the earth.
  • "An      End of all flesh." What ominous words! "I will destroy them..."

 4. God makes a way to save the Righteous - ~Gen 6:14-18~

  • Along      with the plan to purge the earth, a plan to preserve the righteous.
  • The      ark answered exactly the hazardous end brought upon the world.
  • What      was Noah saved from? The Wrath of God!

 5. The Righteous will Listen & Do - ~Gen 6:22~ / ~Gen 7:5-7~ / ~Heb 11:7~

  • Yahweh      gave His plan in precise detail. Every critical factor revealed.
  • Noah      obeyed -- he listened to -- every word of instruction given to him.
  • And he      followed through to the letter on "all God commanded."

 6. The End will come as a Surprise - ~Luke 17:26-27-30~

  • What      of the rest of humanity? What happened to them when floods came?
  • Occupied:      eating, marrying, business, farming, building... just living.
  • The      entire "ancient world" would not listen to the "Herald of rightness"      (~2 Pet 2:5~).

 7. The Way is Prepared for us to be Ready - ~1 Pet 3:18-22~

  • The      End is coming. Just like the days of Noah. Be prepared.
  • Seek      and find a good conscience with God. Get into the Ark!
  • Are we      too busy with life? Or, are we listening for the call of God?

 notes by David Teel Saturday, September 07, 2013