Repentance Unto Life

Repentance unto Life

Scripture Reading: ~Hebrews 6:1-8~

 First Teaching of Christ (~Heb 6:1~)

  • The call of the gospel:      "Repent! The kingdom of heaven is near!" (Mt 3:2 / ~Mt 4:17~ / Mk1:15)
  • Required of all those coming to      the Messiah (~Lk 24:47~ / Ax2:38 / 3:19 / ~Acts 17:30~).
  • Means of correction to the stumbling      disciple (~Acts 8:22~) and to church      (Rev2:5,16 / 3:3,19).

 Defining Repentance

  • Hebrew: nacham = to sigh,      breathe strongly. / shub = to turn back, to retreat,      withdraw.
  • Greek: metanoeo (Lit: Amid comprehension, after      considering, during understanding) = to think differently or      afterwards, that is, reconsider (morally to feel compunction).
  • "A Change of Heart >that leads to> A Change of      Life."
  • Israel must have a change of heart &      gods -- from idols to Yahweh (Ezek14:4-7).

 Divine Repentance

  • The LORD will not change his      promises (Num23:19 / 1Sam15:29).
  • He can change the sentence of      judgment (Psa90:13 / 135:14 / Jer18:8,10 / 26:3).
  • Determined to have our Lord      Jesus be priest over us (Psa110:4 > Heb7:21).

 Successful Repentance Like Successful Cancer Surgery

  • Cancer Patient: Sick, but at 1st     UN-aware.
  • Insightful Diagnosis -- from a      spiritual observer (Gal6:1) with loving rebuke (Lk17:3,4)
  • Skillful Surgeon --      knowledgeable, but not pleasant      (2Cor7:8)
  • Willing Patient -- to accept the      uncomfortable but necessary treatment (v9)
  • Productive Recovery -- clearing      the disease, living healthily (vs10,11)

 A Gift of God!

  • To both Israel and the Gentiles (~Acts 5:31~ / ~Acts 11:18~)
  • His Goodness and Patience provide us opportunity &      motivation (Rom2:4 / 2Pet3:9).
  • His word, the lifeline: to      learn the truth and escape the devil's trap (2Tim2:25).

 Completed by Deeds

  • Works that fit. Not hypocrisy      carried over! (~Mt 3:8~ / ~Acts 26:20~).
  • "Repent and do the first      works," Jesus says (Rev2:5).
  • "Don't tell me what you're      gonna do. Show me what you already did." (Movie: Robots)

 Paul on Repentance: ~2 Cor 7:8-11~

  • Pained by the necessity of      giving reproof -- or rather, the pain it must cause.
  • Distress of mind required in      order to produce needed change (Again, if necessary -- 12:2).
  • "Not sorrow producing      melancholy, gloom, despair, or anger." (Barnes)
  • In regard to God, having done      wrong in His sight (Psa51:4).
  • W/O regret, no need to turn      again; on the right way -- to stay.
  • Repentance Works: Eagerness,      Concern, Longing, Justice, Purity.
  • There is healing and health in      godly sorrow > repentance > restoration.

 Why Should I Repent?

  • Judgment is coming -- to all      humanity (Ezek18:30 / ~Lk 13:1-5~     / Ax17:30).
  • Our God promises Pardon to the      penitent (Isa55:7 / Psa130:4 / Ax3:19).
  • The Cure for falling away.      We will stumble -- and need to      get up! (Jas3:2 / Heb6:6).

 "There is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents!" (Lk15:10)

 Notes by David Teel Sunday, March 14, 2010 / revised Wednesday, September 18, 2013