God's Man, Caleb

Caleb, the 'whole-hearted' man.


...after 1 year+ at Mt Sinai / head north thru wilderness / into Negev, towards Canaan...


Taking the Land (almost) -- Take One:

·Already a leader from among Judah's family -- sent in as scout: Num13:1-16

·The 12 return with a report on the land -- note the variance: vs25-29

·Hoshea & Caleb's conclusion -- v30 / VS the Ten (Majority) -- vs31-33

·The Nation despairs, while four try to turn the tide... & almost stoned! -- 14:1-10a

·Moses intervenes / Yah forgives, but declares consequences / except Caleb -- vs20-24.

Imagine: Being one of two men to escape Egypt and reach Canaan! -- vs36-38 / outnumbered by 2 million people / eating manna for another 40+ years...


"Give me this Mountain!"

·Moses made a promise to Caleb: the land he set foot on! -- Dt1:34-36

·He watched all the fighting men, his peers, were eliminated by God (2:14-16).

·The staff passes from Moses to Joshua (Dt34:9), and Israel takes the land.

·Stepping forward to claim the portion for Judah in the southern hills -- Josh14:6-15

1. Reported by his convictions. Not by eyes and pride, as majority.

2. Kept faith in God's blessing for many hard years. Not his fault!

3. Lay claim to God's promise despite obstacles. Giants still there!


His Legacy Lived On...

·Nephew takes South and Leads Israel as Judge - Judges1:9-13 / 3:7-11

·Though a later descendant (Nabal) was far out of character (1Sam25:2,3)

·Father of sons who established towns of Hebron & Bethlehem (1Chron4:49-51)

·Hebron became a Levite city of refuge (1Chron6:57) / surrounding country-side to Caleb's family.



Caleb, the Man


Today's man of God


1.  My Servant: His eye on God - see Num14:8,9


Our eyes on Jesus: Heb12:1&2


2.  A Different Spirit: Num14:24 (v.s. 10 defeatists & nation of complainers)


Confidence in the Lord: Heb10:35-39


3.  Follows Me Wholeheartedly (Num14:24 / Num32:11,12 / Deut1:36).


Heart strengthened by the Lord: Heb10:22, 13:9



Following God Fully

  1. In All      our days: in youth (Eccl12:1 / 1Tim4:12) in golden years (Tit2:1-5) until      the end. Caleb claimed Hebron      45 years earlier, and he didn't changed his mind!
  2. Thru      all the hazards: opposition of brothers (Mt10:21,35,36) / and giants      outside to fight (1Cor15:32). Follow the One who has overcome the world! --      John16:33
  3. With      All our heart: love & obedience (Mt22:36-38 / John14:15) - 1Jn5:2,3.


The whole-hearted life: A useful life -- of service and leadership / A challenging life -- of obstacles and opposition A fulfilled life -- full of God's continuing & ultimate blessing

notes by David Teel 29Oct'05 / revised Saturday, November 02, 2013