A Balanced Life

A Balanced Life

 Eccl7:14-23 Prosperity, adversity, mystery, diversity: Wisdom required for a balanced life.

 Reading the Signs

  • Imbalance:      Neglect of duties / abuse of self or others / Poor health / Unhappiness
  • Balance:      Health and Strength / good Support network: friends, church / personal peace

 Troubled Concept

  • Dedication      to Roles in Artificial Conflict: Man at work / Wife at home.
  • Measured      by Time:  how much in which areas - work,      home, play?
  • Secular      / Spiritual dichotomy: never the two shall meet / work VS. worship

 Theological Extremes

  • Divine      Nature - God is Sovereign: therefore I'm careless and apathetic.
  • Human      Nature - I am responsible: therefore I'm legalistic and worried.
  • Eschatology      - Jesus is Coming: therefore society and work don't matter.

 The Heart of Imbalance: Obsession

  • The Swinging Pendulum of human nature: "Why do I go to Extremes?"
  • "Moderation in all things." (Terrance -- Roman Playwright -- 190-159 BC).
  • Too      much of a 'good' thing becomes a bad thing (see Lk10:38-42).

 Practical Points:

1) Don't Seek Balance with Unnecessary Things.

No need to include worldliness / materialism / compromise with error.

2) Wholehearted Devotion will be Labeled "Fanaticism."

Love the Lord with all heart, soul, strength, & mind (Lk10:27).

3) Priorities Essential to Balance.

First things First: God, Family, Church, Friends (Mt6:24 / v33).

4) Purposeful Imbalance is Healthy.

It's necessary to work for 8-12 hours. (Eccl3:1-8 / 5:12).

5) Life is an Integrated Whole / a Tapestry.

While working, playing, socializing -- simultaneously a child of God (Col3:23,24).

6) Peace is Product of Righteousness.

God's pardon & living in holiness makes us fulfilled > be content (Tit2:11-14).

7) Divine Guidance Harmonizes.

Personal responsibility & Trust in grace / Admonition to improve & Loving service.

 The Balanced Life -- Phil4:4-9

  • Rejoicing      in the Lord / Trusting in His care and protection...
  • Thinking      on & doing the right things -- that is enough.

 Notes by David Teel Friday, April 09, 2010 / Revised Saturday, January 04, 2014