The Power of God to Save

The Power of God to Save

 What IS the greatest power known to man? the purpose & work of the church?


  • Under      obligation / indebted / delinquent. Why? Compelled to pass grace along.
  • Eager /      forward / breathing hard. What? Euangelizo: Announce the good news.
  • Rightness      by Trust disclosed: a 'God kind' of rightness only by trusting Him.

 Are we Ashamed? / I'm Not Ashamed SS#521

 What IS the Gospel?

  • Of      Caesar: announcement of victory celebration, spectacle, festivities.
  • In      Greek: eu = well, good, glad / angelos = message, messenger.
  • Of God:      Humanity is lost in sin, but God loves and restores us in Jesus!
  • All      the book of Romans: sin, grace, faith, baptism, renewed life.

 1Cor1:18-24 / v30

  • What      IS this message? The Cross -- the cold, hard truth of penalty for sin.
  • Trust      in the wisdom of God. We may never fully understand why.
  • The      sources of your life -- wisdom, rightness, sanctification, redemption.

 Hiding the cross? or Holding it Forth?

Beneath the Cross - 328 / Soldier of the Cross - 224 / In the Cross I Glory - 319 / Near the Cross - 46 / Banner of the Cross -- 219 (vs1&3)

 "Hold firm" (1Cor15:2ff): Messiah died, arose, and reigns in glory


  • Trust      and confess Him. (Who will confess Him today? Lk12:8)
  • To      call, must believe / to believe, must hear / to hear, must preach.
  • Faith      from Hearing (not acts of benevolence or service, but words).

 Do we Confess Him? (I Love to Tell the Story -- 277 (v1) / I'm Not Ashamed -- 520)


  • "Words      given - open my mouth - boldness to speak"
  • Well-Spring:      the message of Jesus dwelling (Col3:16)
  • How      can I be bold? God's power in us (see 2Cor6:7)

 "We live with Him by the Power of God!"(2Cor13:4)

 General Evangelistic Songs: Jesus Saves -- 522 / Seeking the Lost -- 528 / Bring Them In -- 529 / Born Again -- 547 / Gospel for All -- 555 / Send the Light - 563 / Christ for the World - 572 

notes by David Teel Tuesday, January 07, 2014