Mark 1b Notes

Mark1b Notes



14. After John arrested


the Voice apprehended by a tyrant (more on this later at   6:17-28)


Jesus came into Galilee


region of upbringing -- the area of most of His work / 15K   Jews in 204 villages, Decapolis including   Gentiles: 3 million (Josephus)


proclaiming the gospel of God


messenger 1st class -- the source, announcing


15. "The time is fulfilled"


the right, strategic opportunity has arrived


"the Kingdom    of God is at hand"


Divine reign near -- at your fingertips


"Repent and Believe in the gospel"


Leave the ways that you've been living


& trust in / depend on this announcement




16. Passing alongside Sea of Galilee


On foot, by the water


He saw Simon and Andrew, fishermen


Visually tuned to two men (previous meeting: Jn1:35ff)


casting a net into the water


common men, working at being halieus = 'salt-men' /   sailors




good qualities: courage, team-work, patience, energy,   stamina


17. Jesus: "Follow me"


heart of discipleship: living with / learning from Jesus


I will make you become fishers of men"


new occupation -- by process of training: catch others into   discipleship


18. Immediately they left nets and followed Him


abandon, separate from... (Let's Go!)


19. Going further, He saw James and John (of Zebedee)


more walking, seeing...


in their boat, mending nets


Amidst labor -- preparing for more fishing -  interrupted


20. Immediately he called them


w/o delay summoned them also


and they left father Zebedee in boat with hired servants


abandoned extensive family business / choice driven by   priority


and followed Him.


to walk behind Jesus.




21. They went into Capernaum


now the small school   of Rabbi Jesus, visits 'village of Comfort'


Immediately on the Sabbath, He entered synagogue, teaching


right into Rest Day assembly -- advantage of the freedom of   speech -- to teach


22. They were astonished at His teaching


reaction of honest listeners: amazement


because He taught with authority (not as scribes)


not content, but manner -- of power, right to teach 1) Has   Authority 2) Knew Content 3) Convinced of Truth


23. Immediately in synagogue, a man with unclean spirit,   crying out


man "IN" demon, as under influence of / interrupting   order, foul, impure spirit, raged with loud voice -- 'screamed'


24 "What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?"


clearly identified Jesus -- wanting no part / connection of   Him (2Cor6:14-16)


"Have you come to destroy us?"


evil fears goodness, especially the exercise of Divine   power


"I know you: the Holy One of God."


true confession: Jesus IS God's Sacred Son, but...


25. Jesus rebuked him, "Be silent and come out of him!"


"muzzle it" - enough talk from a demon! / "issue forth,   escape from that man" / 2 persons: demon & man. / release him!


26. Unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying out loud


spasmodic gasps, convulsions, screams - struggle of good   vs. evil / this conflict not resolved w/o a fight


came out of him.


only hope for confirmed sinners -- eradication of evil, conversion   of heart


27. They all amazed, questioning among selves,


aghast, shocked, stupefied: investigate, discuss among each   other


"What? A new authoritative teaching!


fresh, powerful instruction


He even commands the unclean spirits & they obey Him!"


effectively charges demons & they listen -- compliant   to His right to order them.


28. Immediately His fame spread everywhere


the rumor, or talk of him, like wildfire exerchomai: as   the demon escaped the man, so the news of Jesus escaped Galilee


through surrounding region of Galilee.


circumjacent area, expanding outward




Jesus is Energetic: on the move, active -- "came into Galilee" / "Passing alongside the Sea." / "entered the synagogue." healthy, busy, working, doing. Man of action with much to be accomplished in a short, but active life.

Jesus is Looking: observing those around Him -- "He saw Simon" / "He saw James" / (watch for instance of this further in Mark). Through Peter's re-telling, we see the eyes of Jesus gaze about, watchful, on the lookout for disciples.

Past Events -- Happening "Now:" the account notes that these are previous events, but then 'immediately' puts us in the present -- in the 'now' -- right in the middle of the action, as we observe and hear them right in front of us.

Fishers of Men: sailors ('salt-water men') for men / casting nets out on the crowds and pulling in those 'captured' by the net of the gospel. Jesus offers nothing more than is His life-work: to draw people in / back to the boat / to the shore of God -- by the word of truth.

Reality of the Devil and demons. Evil resides in the heart of God's arch-enemy. Also the Adversary of His saints. Foul influence allowed upon people, evidenced in bodily disorder and social dysfunction.

The Balance of Power: while Jesus present to exorcise, demons allowed a greater range to distort the lives of humanity. This activity surrounds only the work of Jesus and the Apostles of the early church.

Hell backs false doctrine. "Seducing spirits and teaching of demons" creep in to delude even those of the church (1Tim4:1). Teaching must be tested to discern the source behind it (1Jn4:1-4).


notes by David Teel Sunday, January 12, 2014