Mark 1c Notes

Mark 1c (vs29-45) Notes                                             



29 Immediately left the synagogue


straight 'home' after church


entered the house of Simon & Andrew


staying with disciples


with James and John


brothers in work and spirit


30 mother-in-law ill with fever


Peter married & she followed (1Cor9:5)


immediately told him about her


w/o delay / her needs greatest


31 He came and took her by the hand


sympathy for the ill -- now as then


lifted her up and the fever left her


both human aid & divine healing [no chants, charms, or   charlotry]


she began to serve them


w/o convalescence / back to work! grateful for the relief





32 That evening at sundown


why wait? Sabbath over, day of rest done


they brought to him


labor of love to carry


all who were sick or oppressed by demons


all manner / kinds of ill & demon-exercised / these   disturb human life


33 whole city gathered at the door


lit: polis synagogue at the portal


34 He healed many sick -- various diseases


lit: therapy on ill of various maladies


cast out many demons


expelling abundant bad spirits


Not permit demons to speak


continual refusal of their testimony / un-fit source


because they knew Him.


spirit knows spirit, an advantage over flesh





35 Rising early in morning - while still dark


no 'sleeping in' after long day


He departed to a desolate place


public work supported by private prayer


there He prayed


verb tense: lengthy prayer / pray well alone, w/o   distraction


36 Simon and companions searched for Him


cannot start day w/o Him


37 found Him, "All are looking for you."


as when 12 in Jer. (Lk2:48) / "Everyone wants you to stay   here." Popularity calls...


38 He said, "Let us go on to next towns"


another mission in mind, to press on


"so I can preach there also"


His purpose: to proclaim the good news -- to everyone - now   elsewhere


"That is why I came out."


left the house early to prepare just for this


39 He went thru all Galilee


broad tour of the region


preaching in their synagogues


public preaching -- from church pulpits


and casting out demons.


still expelling bad spirits (quite prevalent in Mark)




40 A leper came, imploring him, kneeling down


poor severely diseased man, destined to miserable life and   early death / begging for help, contrite and humble


"If you will, you can make me clean."


confident in His power, unsure of His desire / more than   healing, he sought cleansing -- wholeness of community life


41 Moved with pity, He stretched out hand, touched him


not repulsed, but drawn / not a light tap, but "attached" /   His power overwhelming the dreaded illness


"I will. Be clean"


'On that condition -- I do want to -- so be clean.' / He now   touched a well man!


42 Immed. leprosy left and he was clean


no delay to produce a brand new thing


43 Sternly charged him, sent away immed.


serious orders, dismissed right away


44 "Say nothing to anyone


don't publicize this


"Go, show yourself to the priest


be declared clean by priest


and offer what Moses commanded


(2 pigeons, cedar, scarlet yard, hyssop - Num19:6,13,18 /   Lev14:1-7ff)


as proof to them."


Priest: 'now where is that cleansing ceremony?'/ law-bound   to comply / something studied slowly may sink in


45 But, he went and talked freely


disregarding instructions, he spoke openly -- what harm   could talk do?


to spread the news


'blaze abroad' = as wildfire set by spark of the tongue


So, Jesus could not openly enter town,


too much fame inhibits work


but (stay) out in desolate places,


this event altered His methods / like John, now more rural   venues


people were coming to Him from all over.


those who wanted His company, now had to seek Him out, and   many did.






notes by David Teel Sunday, January 19, 2014