Mark 2a Notes

Mark2a Notes



1 After some days


lengthy yet undefined period


returned to Capernaum


from traveling about Galilee   (1:39)


reported at home


News gets around (fast) -- He's at Peter's.


difficult to work in town (1:45)


2 many gathered


famous throughout region (1:28)


no more room, not even at door


crowded house! spilling out door


He preaching word


Primary work: teaching (1:38,39). Healing was secondary,   sometimes a hindrance.


3 they came (four men)


Many came, but these stand out.


carrying a paralytic


4 friends do the walking for 1 man


4 not get near Him


determination, despite the obstacles


removed the roof above


likely thatch or tile -- loose construction -- perhaps into   the central court of the house


made an opening


The commotion & debris was quite an interruption!


let bed down -- paralytic lay


down elevator -- right in front of Jesus


5 Jesus saw their faith


Such convicted determination was visible. How would this   resolve if Jesus could not heal their friend?!


"Son, sins forgiven"


1st things 1st. Greatest need met by   the greatest power of God -- to pardon.


friends: 'wait! but he needs to walk!'


6 some scribes sitting


High religious men had a seat in the house.


questioned in their hearts


Good logic working in their minds...


7 Why speak like that?


What had this lame man done to Jesus?


He blasphemes!


He's pronouncing pardon for God!


Only God can forgive sins.


Correct premise, but unacceptable resolution: Jesus is   God.


I cannot withhold pardon Divinely granted.


8 Immed Jesus perceived in spirit


His Divine nature sensed their hearts


they questioned within selves


This thought process was internal.


"Why question in your hearts?"


1st proof: He reads their minds!


9 Which is easier:


Both were easy to say...


Say, 'sins forgiven' or


invisible work not demonstrable, but...


'rise, take up bed & walk?'


physical healing requires tangible proof.


10 So you may know


Directly offered. "Here's your proof:"


Son of Man has authority on earth


Most often used self-appellation. Yet, to the people, a   veiled Messianic reference.


But, of course the Appointed King Eternal (Dan7:13,14) has   power here!


to forgive sins...


The central issue, His purpose in coming.


11 'Rise, pick up bed, go home.'"


Three-fold order, the 1st required miracle


12 He rose and immed picked up bed


Tension broken by once-lame man


w/o delay, take his own bed-roll up...


went out before them all


and walk right out in front of everyone!


so all amazed and glorified God


astonished at real power displayed


"We never saw anything like this!"


such demonstration un-precedent



Note: Nothing so builds unbelieving opposition as Jesus' use of Divine prerogative.



13 He out again beside sea


foot travel by lake near town


all crowd coming to Him


mobbed by people everywhere he went


He was teaching them


His focal service / and ours: proclaim truth


14 He passed by Levi Bar-Alphaeus


aka Matthew (Mat9:9)


a Jew named from priestly tribe


worked as a traitor / extortioner


sitting at tax booth


tax agent collects excise on commerce*


"Follow me"


Jesus wants him as learner


he rose and followed.


Why leave lucrative business? likely never able to return.   Greater appeal in Jesus.


15 He reclined at table in his house


Seems a 'going-away' party for Levi.


many publicans and sinners


Many friends -- of similar background.


reclining with Jesus & disciples


Rabbi and students invited


because many followed Him.


as well as others. An open-door party.


16 Pharisaic scribes saw


Religious men watching Jesus


him eating with sinners and publicans


Friend with unholy and traitors


said to disciples, "Why?"


Explain please, how can He do this?


17 Jesus heard it and said


answer both simple and profound:


"Well people don't need a doctor,


A healthy man doesn't bother with doctor. These 'holy' men   did not need help.


but those who are sick.


The sick seek out healing.


(Tho many who do are not helped -- 5:26).


I came to call sinners


My purpose in coming (to earth?)


iaw: I'm with those who need me.


- not righteous -- to repentance."


The cure for the 'sin-disease' is repentance: to   re-consider & change for good.


The self-right won't change -- can't be cured.



*Tax Farming in the Roman Empire

  • Roman senate accessed average of only 1% on the      provinces. Sometimes poll or head tax, but often be commercial activity in      the area.
  • Auctioned off the position of tax-collector by      region. Based on projection of yield. An enterprising investor bid for the      job, was given office and went to work. Of course, he kept whatever he      could extract above his cost as profit.
  • Fishing the lake was a taxed activity. Matthew      bought into this revenue stream from Galilee.      Jesus had the tax man and fishers together in His group!



notes by David Teel Sunday, January 26, 2014