Psalm 119 Our Dependence on God's Word

Psalm 119 - Our Dependence on God's Word


Who is God?


Righteous v137


& so is His word vs144, 156


Good v68


& so is His word v39


Faithful v90


& so is His word vs86, 138


Loyal Love vs41, 64, 76, 77


(again!) shown in the word 88



Reality of Truth & Justice

  • The      Word of Truth v43 All of It Together v160 (Psa19:9)
  • Rejection      and Judgment for the wayward and wicked vs118-120
  • Because      God is True v142 Near as His Commands v151


Words Used for the Word

    1. Law       (torah)
    3. Testimony       (edah / eduth)
    5. Ways       (derek & orak)
    7. Precept       (piqqud)
    9. Statutes       (choq)
    11. Commandments       (mitsvah)
    13. Judgments       (mishpat)
    15. Word       (dabar & emrah)

Does the Psalms use these terms differentially? The Word of God is NOT divided by different potency or authority (as men say 'law' 'letter' 'instruction' etc. each varying in strength, as per our connotations).


Set Against All that is False

  • Hate      every false way vs104,128,163
  • Hate      those who are double-minded v113 / No fellowship with evil-doers v115
  • Reject      those who wander from the Word v118


Note reoccurring strain of rescue from the dangers in this sinful life -- by the Word of God.


Our Attitude Toward this Message

  • Trust      v42 / Worship and Praise! v48 & 164 (see 88:9 / 98:8 / 141:2)
  • Love /      Delight v16 / v47 / vs97&98 / v127
  • Commitment      v106 to KEEP them (22x in this Psalm!) vs34,44,101,133-136...


Salvation is IN God's Word

  • God is      the source of deliverance vs41,81,94
  • NOT      for those who forsake the Word v155
  • By      Prayer and Keeping the Word vs117, 123, 145 & 146, 166, 174


God and His Word are One (See Col3:16,17 / Heb4:12,13).

God saves us, by His word, as we keep it.


notes revised by David Teel Tuesday, January 21, 2014 / from lesson by Hugh Delong Sun 19Jan14