Loneliness                                                                               (Psa102:7)


What Is It?

  • "Social      Isolation" / Lack of connectedness, meaningful     relationship / We can feel lonely in a crowd (Prov14:10).
  • A      serious health risk (like smoking) -- to our emotional and physical state (Prov15:13).
  • On the      rise - even in the Communication Age: a documented correlation in increased      Facebook use and increased Loneliness! Q: which is the cause, and which      the effect?


What is its Cause?

  • Dedication      to Work (2Tim1:15 / 4:10, 16) -- esp. with few if any      co-workers.
  • Loss /      Life changes: new work, new home, children moving, death...
  • Illness,      esp. when prolonged, can lead to isolation (as quarantine - Lev13:46).
  • Guilt      (Psa32:3&4): "silent, wasted, groaning, heavy, dried up" devastated      within.

Note: these are really circumstances. The CAUSE found in human nature.


Lonely by Nature

  • We are      gregarious by nature. Seek companionship. Find meaning in sharing.
  • Some need      constant contact, others can go weeks w/o company.
  • Goal:      To be understood. Even 'loners' don't like to be mis-judged.


The Evil of Loneliness

  • The      Pointless Misery of work w/o benefactors (Eccl4:8).
  • Sorrow      unto death (Job7:16). See Elijah (1Kgs19:4,9,10).
  • Seek      substitute Relief -- reveling, substance abuse, 'daredevil-ing,' suicide.

Warning: loneliness, esp. when extreme, is a weakness Satan can exploit.


Solutions for Loneliness - going beyond perception -- to meet genuine needs

  • Quality      Friends -- who know us and depend on us (Prov18:24).
  • Settled      with a Family (see Job29:11-16) in a true Home (Psa68:5,6) Ex: the Widow "hopes in God" (1Tim5:5) And His      people care for her.
  • Get      Married! (Gen2:18 / 24:67 / 1Cor7:2 (tho, not for      everyone v38!))

Lonely? Call on anyone else? Join the group? To have friends -- show yourself friendly.


What Good is it?

  • Can      drive us to God (2Cor1:3-7 &      this is good for others! / Mt14:23).
  • Let      God Heal the loss / hurt. Take it to Jesus (1Pet5:7).
  • Revel      in Your Almighty Refuge! (Psa25:16 / remember Psa23).
  • Share      in the Strength that Jesus knew: "I am not alone" (Jn8:16,29 / 16:32&33).


Remember: You have a loneliness -- that only God can fill.


notes by David Teel Monday, January 27, 2014