Mark2c3a Notes

Mark 2c-3a (2:23-3:6)                     Notes



2:23 One Sabbath


rest day, 7th day each week


here begin 2 cases of conflict


He was going thru the grain fields




again, on foot, walking upon the land


disciples pluck heads of grain




snacking on neighbors grain nuts / law made allowance for   poor to glean (Ex23:11 / Dt24:19 / Ruth2:2,7,8,15,16,19)


24 Pharisees saying to Him


religious separatists always watching


likely at field's edge they Qion Him


"Look -- not lawful on Sabbath."


definitive conclusion about this activity:


"this breaks God's law of rest."


25 He said, "Have you never read..."


Don't you know the law? More than reading: understanding   & applying.


David (& companions)




from 1Sam21:3-6 / on run from Saul


in need and hungry




physical condition requiring sustenance


26 entered the house of God




at least the court, then stationed in Nob


time of Abiathar


the son (of Ahimelech) - who survived the massacre of Saul   by Doeg (1Sam22)


at bread of the Presence




unleavened bread set on table in Holies


not lawful -- but priests to eat




intended as priests food through week


and gave to those with him.


not only David, but also his companions


5 loaves, prob. for 5 men / not battalion


27 Sabbath made for man




man 1st, this rest ordained to help him


not man for Sabbath




man not servant to the law


28 The Son of Man


phrase used 107x in OT -- 93x in Ezek: "human being" -- not   deity.


87x in NT -- 83x by Jesus of Himself, come as a human, but   to regain lost dominion (see Dan7:13,14 / Mt26:64)


lord even of the Sabbath


Master of the day of rest. He gave it at Sinai! And knows   how to apply this rule, intended as an aid to human holiness.


Law is hierarchical: real human needs supersede ceremonial   observance.




3:1 Again entered synagogue




habit of assembling with church


man attended with withered hand


(right) hand in shriveled and useless state / but he had his   feet to bring him to mtg.


2 they watched Jesus


always looking / esp. here, seated on front row / what   were they expecting?


whether He would heal on Sabbath


specific interest to detect: they knew Jesus had power to   heal


so they might accuse Him


sought grounds for defamation / this was a set-up, a trap


3 He said to the man, "Come here"


addressed needy man directly -- to approach Him, presenting   himself to the church


4 "Lawful to do good or harm -- save life or kill -- on the   Sabbath?"


Opportunity to do one   thing & deny the other. Choice is often exclusive of alternatives.


They were silent.


could not answer this dilemma, but ready to judge it -- with   prejudice. (see Ax4:14)


5 He looked around at them in anger.


Again, this account follows the eyes of Jesus. Here see His   certain displeasure.


grieved at their hardness of heart


sorrow over their callous minds, dull to reason, to logic,   to truth


to man, "Stretch out your hand."


His Choice: to do good, here and now /  despite what others thought or would do.


He stretched it out -- restored.


He put forth effort; God did the rest. / For every eye   present to witness this healing


6 Pharisees depart immed. to counsel with Herodians -


their choice: to do harm / even united with enemies -- in   high places -- to one goal


how to destroy Him.


to ruin, to kill Jesus. Who was violating the Sabbath now?   / Their only Q: "how?"




notes by David Teel Sunday, February 09, 2014