Humble before God Notes

Humility before God                                                    1Pet5:5-11



v5 You younger


minor in physical age and faith


be subject to elders.


subordinate / rank under your leaders / & older ones --   with respect for their maturity


Clothe yourselves,


as slave dons on apron for serving (Jn13:4)


All of you,


each and every one (not just minors) / fighting for last   place!


with humility towards one another.


lowliness of mind vis--vis brothers


God opposes the proud,


Ever the enemy of God / core of much sin >>   disobedience and rebellion (Meyer*)


but, gives grace to humble


Gifts for vessels empty to receive (Psa18:27 / 25:9 /   147:6)


v6 Humble


(Gk: tapeinoō) = humiliate, abase, bring low.




- must submit self / or life will do it for us!




Submit to DO God's holy will. Even when oppression,   opposition, persecution, loneliness get us 'down.'


under God's mighty hand.


While you're down there, recognize God. See the Divine   will in what's happening in your life.+




under the shelter of His wing (see Psa11:1), the Rock that   is higher than I (Psa61:2).


At the proper time


not my time, but when He deems proper.


He will exalt you.


('may' IF you are under His hand). Exalted me? Not MY   work, but God's to exalt. #


v7 Casting all your anxieties...


lighten your load unto His shoulders.


"He does care."


Superior   to world religions / True God Cares / A fact to be accepted / Not "you can   feel He cares"




How does our worry and fear reflect on our Father?




Because He knows and cares and we surrender to Him, He   will act on our behalf.


v8 Be Sober-minded.


alert, aware that pitfalls and dangers abound.




Esp. in times of depression and mental grief.


Your enemy,


mortal foe, who desires to seek and destroy.


The devil prowls,


accuser, slanderer / is on the loose - tramples all around


Like a roaring lion,


Not domestic or of farm use. Wild, ferocious. "King" of   the jungle.


seeking someone to devour.


makes it his relentless task to wound and to eat.


v9 Resist him.


Stand Against: stay your ground, on truth and purity, trained   by Jesus, skilled for battle.


Brothers in the world


Not alone. Comrades in arms join in the fray.


Experience same suffering.


Complete association with hardship and pain.


v10 After suffering a while,


Peter's Prayer: Pain is certain but also temporary: "puny   duration, neuter degree"


All-Gifting God,


abundantly generous, bestowing all sorts of favors. We   cannot endure through our own strength.


Called to His eternal glory,


Divine Purpose for His Sons: Glory.


Will Himself


He makes it His personal work / "see to it" that His will   is fully accomplished / to...


Restore... (katartizo)


repaired, renewed, completely made whole




set fast, resolutely, in a certain direction




made vigorous, powerful, capable


Establish... (themelioo) you.


laid on a foundation, grounded, settled




When? after a little more suffering. This life holds   opportunity for Restoration. Certainly in life to come.


v11 The Rule / Kingdom be His,


Dignity and honor


Always and Forever!


are eternally His.




May it ever be.



*"Pride is on of the most detestable of sins; yet does it find lodgment in earnest souls, though we often speak of it by some lighter name. We call it: Independence, Self-Reliance. We do not always discern it in the hurt feeling, which retires into itself, and nurses its sorrow in a sulk... We are proud of our humility, vain in our meekness, and putting on the saintliest look, we wonder whether all around are not admiring us for our lowliness." (Meyer)


+Paul's teaching on humility - vis--vis others (Eph4:2 / Phil2:3 / Col3:12).

Peter, as the wisdom literature (Prov15:33 / 18:12 / 22:4 / Jas4:6,10), vis--vis God.


#Examples of Humility Exalted:

  • Guest      at wedding feast (Lk14:7-11): take the low seat > move up
  • Greatest      among you must be servant (Mt20:25-27 / 23:11,12)
  • Jesus      (Phil2:7-10) servant, humble, to death >> high exalted, above every      name.


notes by David Teel Tuesday, February 04, 2014