Mark 3b Notes

Mark 3b (vs7-19)                                       Notes



7 Jesus withdrew -- to the sea


anachoreo = retire


leaving the synagogue & opponents behind


with His disciples


taking friends / learners with Him


time for more friendly company


great crowd followed


polos plethos = abundantly large number


akoloutheo = joined road / in same way


many seekers


from Galilee & Judea


v8 & Jerusalem


North & South central Jewry


news proceeds His presence there


and Idumea and TransJordan


far South -- Edom


and East -- Decapolis - edges of Palestine


and around Tyre and Sidon


far North coastlands -- Phoenicia / home to Gentiles


When great crowd heard


Word travels fast.


Even foot travel can carry a message. (1)


all that He was doing


attracted to the works. Motive: to see or receive   something marvelous


they came to Him


put forth effort to travel -  some far


worth working to come to Jesus


9 He told disciples have boat ready


precautionary step, held in readiness


enlisting help of fishers' equipment


because of crowd -- crushing him.


out on water, distance the only protection against force   of crushing crowd (2)


10 He healed many


therapeuo = attend, wait upon


He expends time and energy on them


so all with diseases pressed


 -- to touch Him.


epipipto = embrace, seize, fall upon


haptomai = attach, cling fast


11 When unclean spirits saw Him


again, demons are real


they see Jesus


they fell down before Him


cause body of possessed to do homage


(if only leave person in that position)


cried out, "You are the Son of God!"


confession of a demon


True, but unavailing / (3)


12 He strictly ordered them


The Lord has power over demons


not to make Him known.


Reason their confession is rejected:


World not ready for the truth (yet).




13 He went up on the mountain


Retreat further into high country


time to pay attention to the core (4)


called to Him whom He desired


proskaleomai = summon, invite


His turn to choose companions


and they came to Him.


aperchomai = go off aside, apart


and they must choose to answer the call


14 He appointed


"I have chosen you" (Jn15:16).


none can claim self-appointment


12 (twelve)


deliberate number of men


as 12 sons/tribes of Israel


whom He named apostles


apostello = set apart & sent out


divine provision for spreading the word


to be with Him


1st job of a learner: be WITH the Master


See Acts1:21,22


and to send them out to preach


1st job of an Apostle: preach Jesus


content: what witnessed & instructed


15 and have authority to cast out demons


delegated power: Lord shared


to confirm the message as from God


16 (These are the appointed 12):


Simon whom He named Peter


no provision for succession (re: pope)


petros = rock


17 James


& brother John, sons of Zebedee


1st apostle to die (Acts12:1,2)


"beloved" -- dear to Lord / great elder


whom he named Boanerges:


"Sons of Thunder"


Chaldean / Aramaic: "commotion children"


their (later) wrath against cities (Lk9:54)


18 Andrew


(paired with Peter)


followed Jesus first (Jn1:40-42)


brought his brother, Peter




and Bartholomew


resident of Bethsaida   (Jn1:43&44)


also called Nathaniel (Jn1:45ff)




and Thomas


Levi, the tax collector


Didymus -- the Twin (Jn21:2)


James, son of Alphaeus


and Thaddaeus


another 'Jacobus' / the 'Less' (15:40)


only here & Mt10:3, called Lebbaeus


Simon Cananaean


19 and Judas Iscariot


Chaldean for "zealous"


from Kerioth in South Judea / old Moab


who betrayed Him.


paradidomi = yield up, deliver over


Jesus knew what he would do (Jn6:64)




Note1: 50x150 mile area / walking speed of 2mph / travel day of 6 hours / 4 days to cross, 12 to range / all of Palestine could hear the word in a month.


Note2: adoring fans can turn the mob in minutes. See Acts 14:11-13 / v19


Note3: there is a principle that to know a name provides intimacy, even power over another / see Ex3:13 / Jdgs13:17 / Mk5:9


Note4: critical preparations made here at a critical time in His work: a) offending traditions of religious leadership b) opponents plot His downfall c) crowds increasing and could be turned against Him


notes by David Teel Saturday, February 15, 2014