Restoring All Things

The Restoration of All Things

 Lame Man Healed (Acts3:1-10)

  • laid      at the 'Beautiful' gate, asking alms.
  • "your      attention please... what I have. In name of Jesus, get up and walk."
  • entered      temple, walking, leaping, praising God > people amazed.

 Refreshing & Restoration Proclaimed (... vs20&21)

  • God      glorified Jesus, whom you killed, but God raised.
  • Faith      in His name has made this man perfectly well.
  • Times      of refreshing from His presence / restoring all things.

 Defining Terms

  • Refreshing:      (anapseuksis) pause / recovery of breath (2Tim1:16) / revival.
  • Restoring:      (apokatastasis) restitution, set or placed right, re-constitute.
  • "Season:"      (kairos) proper time & "Times" (kronos) period of time.

 Jewish Thought on Salvation

a)      Rabbinic Concept of Tikkun Olam: 'fixing / repairing / healing the world' -- basis for some Mishnaic instruction

b)      Aleynu prayer, recited 3x daily, expresses hope that world will abandon idolatry and recognize God: "to perfect the world under God's sovereignty;" the Divine Kingdom. See Isa56:6,7.

c)      Apostles ask, "Restore the Kingdom?" (Acts1:6). Only the King can say.

 Possible Explanations

a)      social justice / philanthropy / liberal politics (numerous foundations)

b)      paradise on earth (Judaism / Watchtower) 1000 year reign (Millenialists)

c)      heaven - pie in the sky by & by (mainstream 'Christianity')

 Forerunner Prepares for Restoration

  • Elijah      comes to restore all things (Mt17:11)
  • What      did he come to do? (Mal4:5&6) Angel: turn hearts (Lk1:16,17)
  • Zechariahs      expounds: salvation = forgiveness (Lk1:76,77)

 Restoration in Christ - Peter Explains:

  1. foretold      by all the prophets (vs18,21b-25) > "these days" (v24b)
  2. Raised      / sent >> repent - be converted / turn from wickedness (vs19,26)
  3. sins      blotted out -- to bless you >> "Ahhhh!" - times of refreshing &      restoration

spiritual relationships set right by forgiveness of sins.

happiness in being turned away from sin (not by remaining in it).

it is time to enjoy seasons of refreshing from the presence of the Lord!


notes by David Teel Sunday, February 09, 2014