Our Creator God

Creator God

 Gen1&2 "In the Beginning God"

  • "Let      there be..." (vs3,6,9,11,14,20,24). World spoken into existence.
  • As      He refined and completed the natural order -- everything in its place.
  • "Let      us make man..." (v26). Master of creatures - deliberately made.

 Wise to Recognize Him (Eccl12:1)

  • Job33:4-6      Created equal before God, "pitched off from a piece of clay."
  • "Where      were you? Tell me if you have understanding." Job38:4ff
  • Under      the vast expanse above, what is man? Psa8:3-8 Almost Angels!

 The Prophet/Preachers: Worship Him -- Isa40

  • Knowledge      is His to reveal (vs12-13-14)      [not academia or science].
  • Cannot      be represented by an idol (vs18-20)      [nor "mother nature"].
  • Rulers      cannot compete with Him (vs22-25)      [beware whom you serve].
  • He      does not desert - but strengthens - His holy ones (vs25-28-31).

 Evangelism Step One

  • To      Zeus worshippers: "Living God made heaven & earth" (Acts14:15-17).
  • To      intellectual: "God made the world. We are His children" (Acts17:24-28).
  • True      science knocks on the door of faith & must enter (Heb5:3 / 11:3).

 Morality Built In

  • Sanctity      of Life (valuable, precious): animal, human, unborn.
  • Respect      for Individual (unique, volitional): conscience, choices, property.
  • Genders      and Roles defined by our very nature (see Rom1:25-31).

 Creator Jesus

  • "All      things were made through Him" (Jn1:1-3).
  • "Lord      Jesus Christ, through whom are all things" (1Cor8:6).
  • "For      by Him all things were created" (Col1:16,17).
  • "His      Son... through whom also He created the world" (Heb1:1,10).

 Living a New Creation -- Eph2

  • The      Creator Creates Anew! once dead people raised to life again (vs1,4-6).
  • Living      in Jesus - His new created order - to walk in good works (v10).
  • "Put on the new      self... renewed ... after the image of its creator." (Col 3:10 ESV)

 What has a beginning... 2Pet3

  • Has      a Cause -- a Beginner. And Finisher, who brings an end (vs5-7).
  • Endure      in lives of holiness and godliness (vs11,12).
  • [Entrust your lives to a faithful      Creator -- by doing good (1Pet4:19)].
  • "New      Heavens and New Earth" = New World for God's People (v13).

notes by David Teel Wednesday, February 19, 2014