Mark 3c Notes

Mark3c (vs20-34)                                      Notes



20 He went home


Seems Peter's house serves as base (1:29) / attempt some   remnant of private life


crowd gathered again


challenge of popularity cont. (1:32f / 2:2)


word ochlos "crowd / mult." 38x in Mark


so they could not even eat.


no peace even to consume a loaf!




21 When His family heard it


para-autos = "those about Him" ~ kinsfolk




they went out to seize Him


lit. would take possession of Him




saying, "He is out of His mind."


"they kept on saying" -- intensifying expression: 'He's   lost it' -- over and over. As with Paul (Ax26:24 / 2Cor5:13)




22 Scribes came from Jerusalem


delegation sent to deal with this erring Rabbi - not to   examine, but to disrupt.


"He is possessed by Beelzebul."


Accusation interjected: He's an agent of Satan. (1)   Alternative explanation to discredit His work.


"By prince of demons He casts out demons."


power of the chief of demonic beings -- playing with his   own. Still, recognizing His exceptional power & true miracles.


23 He called them and said in parables,


Jesus requested audience - to give intentional answer to   this bold attack. (2)


"How can Satan cast out Satan?"


not playing with these demons, but throwing / thrusting   them aside


24 "A kingdom divided cannot stand"


Civil war will tear a nation apart -- from the inside out


25 "A house divided not able to stand"


Discord and dysfunction will tear a family apart


26 "If Satan has risen up against himself... he cannot   stand, but is coming to an end."


Violent uprising within empire of evil will certainly   bring it down.


27 "No one can enter a strong man's house


A valiant man has awareness and defenses for his domicile.


and plunder his goods,


Jesus was here to oppose the devil by reclaiming stolen   goods.


unless he first binds the strong man."


1st must limit the defender / to tie up with   ropes / he would keep what he has taken.


"Then he may plunder his house."


then, free reign to plunder all his household goods /   Jesus' work is to destroy him. (3)


28 "Truly, I say to you,


This expression should put us on alert, on notice: 'Mark   my words' / 'Count on this'




all sins will be forgiven




every wrong can be pardoned / requires repentance / reform   (see 1Cor6:9-11 / Tit2:14 / 1Jn5:16,17)


the children of man


foal of man - human / of all God's many creatures, this   one is problematic.


and whatever blasphemies they utter


blapto-pheme = injurious saying. any evil speaking   forgivable (1Tim1:13), except...


29 but whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit


utter injurious words against the Divine Spirit, the   source of Jesus' life & miracles


never has forgiveness


pardon or remission not extended ever




but is guilty of an eternal sin."


sealed under condemnation of this crime in perpetuity (4)


30 for they said, "He has an unclean spirit."


Peter/Mark explains: they had called the Spirit by which   Jesus worked "unclean."




31 His mother and brothers came


Jesus had earthly family / not far away in Galilee (Mark6:3)


standing outside, sent and called him


could not come near, but had to send message


32 Crowd sitting around Him


surrounded by people -- throngs sit all around Him


"Your mother and brothers are outside


outside the house, as close as they could get


seeking you."


desire, endeavor to be with, to converse




33 He answered, "Who are my mother and my brothers?"


Thought question. Jesus knows the answer, but would cause   us to think.


34 Looking about at those who sat around


Again, the gaze of Jesus is recorded. Puts us in the room,   under His stare.


"Here are my mother and my brothers."


'My family is right here with Me.' The scribes spoke to alienate, He to   befriend.


35 "Whoever does the will of God


Conditional familiarity. Ours is a fellowship of the   compliant -- performing divine choice.


He is my brother, sister, mother."


such an individual, he qualifies as My family (5)



1) Baal Zebub - god of Ekron, appealed to by Ahazariah (2Kgs1:2,3,6,16) / lit: "Lord of the Flies" canaanite deity who controls pestilence/disease.

Alternate Baal Zebul = "Lord of the Heights" or "High Lord" -- a mocking name used by Rabbis for prince of demons / source of heathen religion. See Paul's expression "Prince of the Powers of the Air" (Eph2:2), as demons are spirits, active in the "air."


2) Misunderstood by his own people. Viciously and cynically attacked by the religious leaders. There is a time and place for defense of His ministry. He spares a few words of warning here.


3) Lord's Purpose: "Destroy the works of the devil." 1Jn3:8 Q: what are we doing in Satan's house anyway? and do we want to be rescued?

God would wipe out all forms of evil, including sin in my life. Q: am I co-operating in this eradication of evil? or harboring sin and resisting the work of God?

See also Heb2:14 to destroy Satan himself, the master of death -- by overcoming death Himself and bringing us out of the grave with Him.


4) 'danger' =/= on the edge, but can pull back. Greek: enochos. As a murderer is 'in danger' of judgment (Mt5:21), this means certainly 'subject to.' Jews say Jesus is 'in danger' of death because of blasphemy (Mk14:64). The scribes have fully committed this blasphemy and were under the certain condemnation of eternal punishment. The Judge just passed sentence.


5) the Family of God: The Lord provides us with a new family among those who follow Him (Eph2:19 / 1Tim3:15). In fact, these new ties -- formed from the Father in Heaven - are closer than any earthly bonds.

Jesus knew from personal experience that natural family may keep us from the kingdom of God (Mt10:36 / Lk14:26).


notes by David Teel Sunday, February 23, 2014