The church that Jesus built

The church that Jesus built


The confession and the promise - Mt16:13-20

  • Who IS      Jesus? the Messiah / Son of God / the Rock.
  • "I      will build..." establish & edify / Q: A promise kept?
  • What?      "My church!" Group of people belong to Jesus.


Modern definitions of "church:"

1) a building used for public Christian worship.

2) a particular Christian organization with its own distinctive doctrines.

3) institutionalized religion as a political or social force. (Webster)


The church of Jesus is NOT...

  • human      invention, search for God, expression of religious instinct.
  • a      denomination or group of churches, collective of modern Christianity.
  • a local      social / religious club, providing association to the religious minded.


The state of modern religions and denominations presents a divided, confused picture to the world. This is NOT the work of God (1Cor14:33). The enemy sows weeds among the Master's wheat (Mt13:27,28).


What IS the church? (by definition and usage -- 74x in ESV)

  • Ekklesia:      'called out' by God -- out of the world and into Jesus (2Thess1:1)
  • An      'assembly' of disciples, gathered to worship God (Ax11:26 / 1Cor14:28).
  • God's      people - collectively considered - even when not gathered (Ax9:31).
  • Synonyms: group, meeting, congregation,      synagogue, gathering, assembly


HOW Jesus builds His church

  • Keys      given to the Apostles -- Mt16:19
  • Paul,      a master builder -- 1Cor3:10-15
  • Jesus,      apostles, and prophets in foundation (Eph2:20)


Importance of the church -- Eph

  • 1:22,23 recipient of Christ's      headship / His fullness
  • 3:7-11 God's eternal plan -- to      show his wisdom thru the church / v21
  • 5:25-30 the savior loves, gave      Himself, presents her glorious, nourishes.


Several Defining Characteristics

  • There      in only ONE - Eph1:22,23 & 4:4.      "My church" singular.
  • Called      "church of God" (Ax20:28 / 1Cor1:2...) and "of      Christ" (Rom16:16).
  • Doctrine      or Teaching is Singular - 1Cor4:17     (14:33).  Oneness on truth.


Yes, Jesus fulfilled His promise!

Q: Are WE His called-out group?

notes by David Teel Friday, February 28, 2014