Captain of Our Delieverance

The Captain of our Deliverance -- Heb2:5-18



  • To Slay      the accuser, holding power of death - v14.
  • To Deliver      the POW's held in his prison - v15.
  • To Rescue      Adam's race -- children of Abraham - v16.


Jesus, Accomplished Warrior

  • Greater      than all the messengers before Him (Heb1). Divine Nature (vs3,8).
  • Such      greatness - come to earth - for a time (2:9). A dusty, lowly training      ground.
  • Practiced      to Perfection: achieved intended goal, consummated as a Captain (v10).


Paradise Lost (Genesis2&3)

  • Man given      dominion (1:26,28) & appointed keeper* of God's garden (2:15).
  • Violated      by mis-stewardship (2:16/3:6) -- cursed and expelled (3:17-19).
  • Cherubim,      with fiery swords, appointed guardians* of the tree of life (3:24).


Death Reigns

  • Adam,      struggling under curses, sees the death of his first-born (Gen4:8)
  • Lost:      innocence, relationship, confidence, joy, purpose, dominion, home, life.
  • Death      stalks the earth. Each generation in hopeless grip of arch-enemy (Gen5).


Enter the Captain -- Heb2

  • The      Stage Now Set: we don't see humanity in dominion -- far from it...
  • But,      Look! A Man, temped, wrestled with death, & conquered our foe!
  • In      Dominion over the coming world (v5). Ready to bring many sons to glory!


HOW does He deliver?

  • He      Sanctifies (v11): arouses and revives prisoners from stupor, aware of God.
  • He      Delivers (v15): POW's led out, slaves of fear now emancipated, free people.
  • He      Propitiates (v17):  quenches the      fiery Divine wrath, making way for mercy.


Victory over Death 1Cor15

  • The      Sting of death: Sin (v56). We are lethally injected when submit to sin.
  • He did      NOT submit, but remained untainted. Yet, experienced death, undeserved.
  • Final Victory      is now Built-In (v57). He returns to eliminate death forever.


Look & See Jesus!

  • He experienced      death for everyone of us (Heb2:9). And He conquered.
  • Now crowned      with glory and honor - our Captain, perfected, victorious.
  • Calling,      "Brothers, come out. Brave soldiers, join Me! Let's go home."


Arouse from stupor, poor captive. Look upon your Captain. Follow Him to freedom & glory!


notes by David Teel Monday, March 10, 2014