How to Talk with Unbelievers

From the road...

Often we are faced with talking to unbelievers and are not sure how to proceed.  So many time they act like bullies, call us names, and do not listen to anything we say.  I have some tips on how to have a useful and open dialogue with unbelievers.

First, we need to pray about this. We don't need to do this alone but need the Lord's help.
Secondly, we need to be responsible for ourselves - how we talk, our attitude, and that we do this to bring honor and glory to God.  We are not responsible for how the other person or persons act. Sometimes I get called names. So what! Name calling is a frequent response when you don't have a real answer. (You might want to remind them of this.)

OK, What specific things can we do to have a productive conversation?
  • Only use arguments that you understand.  If you do not know anything about geology, then don't use an argument from that arena. Use another line of proof.
  • Back up what you say. Give references when you can. If you can quote an archeologist or a respected scientist do it. If you read it in a book try to give the title so they can find it. Ask for references and don't feel shy about it. 
  • Stay on topic. Unbelievers will pepper us with questions and not respond to what we say. They do this not to answer us but to look for a mistake. Tell them that they should respond to what you say so we know that this has been answered and that they have no objections and they understood it. Don't let them sidestep the truth.
  • If you do not know how to answer then tell them you will get back to them on that. Remember this is not a contest, we are here to spread the truth, not win.

There are people who are looking for the truth and we have it. Let us share it with them.

In Christ,