Mark 1a Notes

Mark1a (vs1-15)                                         Notes



1   The beginning of the gospel


Every   tale starts somewhere. The Good News of Jesus starts here. "It all began this   way..."


of   Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


The   Savior, the Chosen, the Divine One. In fact,   a genuine, historical person


2   As it is written in Isaiah the prophet,


Foretold   by the God's spokesmen of old time (Isa40.3 / Mal3.1)


"Behold,   I send my messenger before your face,


The   Father says, "Look, I've dispatched a herald to enter the road in front of   you...


who   will prepare your way,


Royalty,   Nobility must have a proper reception. The people should make ready for Him.


3   the voice of one crying in the wilderness:


The   1st prophetic voice in over 300 years, lifted up in desolate   country


'Prepare   the way of the Lord,


"Get   the road ready for Yahweh (Yes, the Eternal One is coming!),


make   His paths straight,'"


His   entrance approaches near. The real road: the hearts & minds of people.


4   John appeared, baptizing in the wilderness


As   if dropped from heaven, the Baptizer was set down in the wild, giving ritual   baths.


and   proclaiming a baptism of repentance


His   message constantly advancing the need for reformed lives and immersion...


for   the forgiveness of sins.


in   order to be forgiven. A bath required by God to wash away -- not dirt, but --   iniquity.


5   And all the country of Judea and all Jerusalem


Figure   of speech -- not the land, but -- the people who lived there & in capital   city


were   going out to him


traveled   into his primitive chapel in the desert, heeding his call to prepare for Yah


and   being baptized by him in the river Jordan,


&   submitting to John immersing them in the waters of the Jordan


confessing   their sins.


openly   admitting their wrongs -- initial demonstration of repentance, with the voice


6   Now John was clothed with camel's hair


The   wilderness preacher, in the image and manner of Elijah (2Kgs1.8), rugged   clothing


and   wore a leather belt around his waist


&   simple accessories - nothing extravagant or glamorous about this preacher


and   ate locusts and wild honey.


most   basic food (Lev11.22), as the poor would have to sustain on, gathered for   free


7   And he preached, saying,


His   primary occupation: speaking a message / not show or even miracles


"After   me comes he who is mightier than I,


I'm   the forerunner for my Master, the one you must watch for


the   strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.


I'm   not good enough to be His personal servant, just a remote house slave


8   I have baptized you with water,


Speaking   to followers, "Yes, I've immersed you in water,"


but   He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."


"but   He will immerse you in the Spirit." A superior cleansing and power on the   way.




9   In those days Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee


While   John was engaged in his work, the Savior came from His home town


and   was baptized by John in the Jordan.


And   did as all the receptive people had done -- identifying with humanity


10   And when he came up out of the water,


The   physical motion of post-immersion: arising & ascending from the river


immediately   he saw the heavens opening


Right   away, the elevations were rend asunder, torn in two, parting lofty doors


and   the Spirit descending on him like a dove.


The   Holy Spirit, swooping down as a graceful bird in flight to land on the Lord,


11   And a voice came from heaven,


As   a majestic voice sounded audibly from exalted plains (did it thunder?)


"You   are my beloved Son;


"My   dear Son -- in my image, from my side, divine & holy as I am -


with   you I am well pleased."


I   am so happy with Who you are!" Such exalted admiration and support.




12   The Spirit immediately drove Him


Under   the influence of the Spirit, He went away, following wherever He was lead


out   into the wilderness.


Some   useful purpose must be met by being away, alone, in desolate places.


13   And He was in the wilderness forty days,


Not   a comfortable camp. Austere & Long, without usual provision.


being   tempted by Satan.


Pressed   by the enemy -- in strain and hardship, to bend human will to poor ends.


And   he was with the wild animals,


His   natural companions only the un-tamed animals who call this lonely place home.


and   angels were ministering to Him.


Yet,   heavenly messengers sent to serve & soothe Him when the trial was past.




14   Now after John was arrested,


The   conclusion of the forerunner's service came abruptly with imprisonment &   death


Jesus   came into Galilee,


And   the Lord's public work began, first in the region of His earthly familiars


proclaiming   the gospel of God, and saying,


Also   Preacher of the good news of God, announcing renewal of His rule


15   "The time is fulfilled,


"Now   is the strategic opportunity, the occasion history has prepared for.


and   the kingdom of God is at hand;


Divine   rule is at your fingertips, reach out and take hold of the moment.


repent   and believe in the gospel."


Take   action to change your lives and demonstrate your trust in this announcement."




notes by David Teel Thursday, August 28, 2014