More on Probability

More on Probability

There are two more numbers in probability to know. Mathematicians give two different numbers that the probability of life from nonlife is really zero. First is 1 x 10^110 and the other to 1 x 10^50. If the chances are smaller that that it will not happen. Sir Fred Hoyle calculated life starting by chance at 1 x 10^40000. In our one mile example we would not even move away from zero the width of an atom. That is how close we would be to zero. And the world calls creation blind faith!

A good question would be: What does life depend on?
1. We would need to be in the right type of Galaxy. There are about 8 different types of galaxies. You have to be in the right type to have the material to support life.
2. You need to be in the right place in the galaxy. If we are too close to the center life would not be possible because of too much gravity - and too far out there would not be enough.
3. We need the right type of sun. 95% of all stars are dimmer than our sun.
4. The stars that have more mass would tear us apart or we would have to be too far out to have sufficient warmth.
5. Some of the massive stars put out radiation that destroys everything close to them.
6. We need a star that puts out the right wave length of light to support photosynthesis.
7. We need to be the right distance from that star to have liquid water.
8. The planet must have a tilt, rotation, stable moon, proper land mass distribution, oceans for heat absorption, oxygen and nitrogen content, and then the proper elements and conditions for spontaneous generation.
And this is just a short list. I have no idea what would be the probability of these conditions just accidentally occurring!


Another little something we need to look at is the cell. The cell is a very complex living organism. The cell wall is complex - letting some things in and others out. There are specialized structures in the cell wall like sodium and potassium pumps that keep electrolytes in balance. The mitochondria is very complex with its enzymes. (Then there is ATP, the Krebs cycle, and so much more for you to research). Even the minute cell is a structure that shows massive design.

How can life on earth possibly be an accident?


I hope you find this helpful.

From the road and in Christ,