Sometimes when we talk with non-believers they are aggressive and call names, insult us, and try to tell us we know nothing about science.

What is our response?
First, it must be full of grace and seasoned with salt. (Colossians 4:6)
Secondly, it must be in love.
Third, it must be the truth.

If we cannot answer their question it is not the end of the world. Simply say you do not know but will be happy to get back to them. If that is not acceptable to them, then very well. They might not want to learn, but only press their point to win. What have they won? Nothing.

Remember, try to work one question at a time. If they are only trying to trip you up to win, this will weed them out and save you a tremendous amount of time. If this is an on-line discussion do the same thing, unless you actually know this person. It could just be some "key-board warrior."

We are always responsible for what we do and say, and someone who is interested might be listening or reading the conversation. Get the truth out there.

Be aware that Non-believers use a tactic called jamming. You have seen it time and time again. It is a three step process.

First, you make a statement that is not P.C. and they come back loud and nasty. They call names, make insults, and jam you down until you are quiet.

Secondly, they draw sympathy as the "victim." This is an attempt to portray truth as against the side that they are -- and everyone else is - on.

The third step is conversion. Spectators see how badly and harshly you have been treated, and they do not want to be treated like that, so they convert to the "victim's" side.

Jamming has nothing to do with facts, evidence, or truth. It is used in psychological warfare, and was developed by the communist Chinese - if I remember correctly.

These points should help you deal with the militant atheist.

In Christ,