Confess Your Sins

Confess Your Sins                  one another.          James 5.16


"My name is ___________. I'm a sinner." (Confessing Sinners Association)


Appropriate Response (vs13&14)

Suffering? Pray! -- to cast your burden of suffering on the Lord

Cheerful? Praise! -- to exalt Him who provides you with all good things

Sick? Call the elders! -- to ministry to the needy, by prayer & comfort -- in Lord's name


The Prayer of Faith (v15)

Petition from conviction. Is there any other kind? (Jas1.6)

Save the sick -- by the Lord's power -- not the prayer's!

IF concerned with sin, the Lord will pardon. Only He can.


So... Confess Your Sins (v16)

To God: "I acknowledged my sin... and you forgave." (Psa32.5)

To Injured: "he sins against you... and turns... I repent." (Lk17.4)

To One Another: "confessing and divulging their practices." (Ax19.18)


"Pray for Me"

Abram did for Sodom (Gen18.20f) and for Abimilech (20.7)

Job did for his children (Job1.5) and for friends (42.8)

Simon asked Peter to "Pray for me!" - when he relapsed (Ax8.24)


Work of Priest

Priesthood of believers (1Pet2.9) -- thru Jesus to mercy seat (Heb4.14-16)

Teaching truth: taking God's message to others (Lev10.11)

Interceding for others: taking their needs to God (Eph6.18)


God Answers Prayer (Jas5.17&18)

Elijah -- a normal man -- faithful and fervent (1Kgs17.1)

God stopped the rain -- then started it back again -- when man asked.

Our Confidence of Faith: "Believe - & it will be yours." (Mt21.22 / Mk11.24)


Interceding for Sin

Our Confidence: He hears and answers our prayers (1Jn5.14,15)

What is more in line with God's will than seeking forgiveness?

Pray for forgivable sin. "Sin unto death?" The impenitent. (1Jn5.16)


Spiritual Intervention (vs19&20)

Twice: "bring back" = rescue those who wander off / heal the heart from evil

Our part in 'saving the world:' reprove, rebuke, exhort (2Tim2.24-26)

Mission: eradicate sin -- everywhere it hides, even in ourselves (1Jn3.8)


Let us join this year in the Lord's campaign against sin -- to promote rightness!


notes by David Teel Tuesday, January 06, 2015