Busy Here and There

Busy Here and There


Lesson for a King (1Kings20)

King Ahab spared life of enemy Benhadad, King of Syria (32).

Prophet tells story of allowing POW to escape, while busy (v40).

Lesson to Ahab: missed opportunity brings condemnation (v42).


Natural Laws

No Vacuums: moving one thing out makes room for another (Mt12.41-45)

Limited Resources: once spent, time and money, are gone 4ever (1Cor7.32-34)

Law of Exclusion: everything displaces something else (Gal5.16&17)


Worse than Opposing God

We don't have to be engaged in Immoral, Anti-God behavior (Neh6.3).

Just get busy with enough things (distractions) and God is cut out!

Fooled into thinking we are faithful, when our lives are full of ... fluff.


A Fun-Cursed Life

Games: video, board, card, gambling... obsessed with trivial pursuits (Psa46.10)

Silver Screen: movies and Hollywood action and stars are a consuming culture.

Play Ball! Massive mega-million dollar professional sports drives economy.


What are Our Distractions?

Work: necessary, but consuming / Money: saving for earthly retirement (Mt6.19ff)

Entertainment: fun, but debilitating / Hobbies: useful pastimes > lost time (Lk14.18)

Family: essential, but overwhelming / Church: keeping house =/= home (Lk10.40)


How Much is Enough?

Like trying to live on dessert -- too much earthly activity is spiritually unhealthy.

Point of Fact: some food items can (should?) be removed from the diet entirely.

Demonstration of Priorities: what is included in your every day activities? (Mt6.33)


The Dangers of Distraction

The Gospel Unheeded. Who has time to listen or obey the eternal gospel?

Preachers Unsupported and Saints Unassisted. Our funds spent elsewhere.

God Unsought and Unworshipped. Theaters are full and church houses go empty.


Why the Seed Won't Grow (Mk4)

The seed spread all over the field, in all types of ground...

The thorny soil chokes the young sprouts with "the cares of this world" (v19)

The truth of God spread broadly, but most people too busy to produce fruit.


What Really Matters

What makes a difference in the l-o-n-g run? (1Cor7.35)

Ahab took his eye off of God's commission, to pursue his agenda.

Are we focused on, engaged in, busy with Eternal Things?



notes by David Teel Monday, January 12, 2015