We Are Mortal

We are Mortal


A brush with death alters our perspective -- from "Everyone dies" to "I will die."


"...And He Died."

Each patriarch, though long lived, met the same end - 8x in Gen5.

Noah also, who bridged the deluge and started new world (Gen9.29).

The necessary end to every human life, even David's (1Chrn29.28).


Fact of Life

Fools bring about their own early demise (Prov8.36 / 14.12 / 16.25).

Many die untimely and unfair (Psa37.32 / 94.21 / Mt10.21).

Comes for all mortals eventually (Psa82.7 / Psa89.48 / Heb9.27).


Not All Die Alike -- Ax12

James, taken by cruel ruler, but serving the Lord.

Soldiers, caught up in Peter's escape, in line of duty.

Herod, accepting unmerited accolades, blasphemy.


The Sting of Death

Adam & Eve died that day -- as the LORD promised (Gen2.17 / 3.7,10,22-24).

Sin is the poison arrow that pierces our vulnerable hearts (1  Cor15.56).

The origin of death and its terrifying destiny > lifelong slavery (Heb2.15)!


Lessons from Mortality

1)      My Time is Limited -- so live seriously, with purpose (Psa90.12).

2)      My Knowledge is Limited -- be humble (Job38.4), seek truth.

3)      I am weak and vulnerable -- need protection, security (Psa90.1-3).

4)      I am faulty, make mistakes -- must repent (Num23.19) & be forgiven.

5)      Things will not suffice -- hold on loosely & let go (Mt6.20).

6)      It is Sin that kills (Rom6.23a) -- so, live in Spirit (8.13).

7)      Sweet to die right -- be found in the Lord (Psa116.15 / Rev14.13).


Be Prepared -- Now!

David left a legacy for his son - prepared for temple before his death (1Chrn22.5).

Hezekiah given special revelation of his demise: "Set your house in order" (2Kgs20).

What would you do now, if you knew you had 24 hours to live?


One has Overcome

Jesus faced, experienced and conquered death (Mt26.66 / Ax2.24 / Phil2.8).

He IS the Resurrection and the Life (Jn11.25 / 2Tim1.10).

We are now saved by His Life (Rom5.10 / Heb7.25 'He ever lives').


        Admit Jesus for Who He Is -- or die in your sins (Jn8.21&24).

        Be Raised with Him (Rom6.5) and like Him, live for God (v10).


notes by David Teel Tuesday, February 10, 2015