WHY be Baptized

WHY be Baptized?

Various answers today:

'outward sign of an inward grace -- Christian circumcision'

'to be added to the church -- following training & testing period'

'necessary for obedience to Jesus -- but not for salvation'


What Is Baptism

Greek word (baptize) and usage -- plunge, dip, immerse, overwhelm, submerge

immersion in water / as priest washing "all his flesh' (Lev15.16)

a ritual cleansing, to wash away stain of sin & separation from God (Mark7.1-5)


Jewish Washings

Moses led Israel to be baptized in Red Sea (Ex14.22,29 / 1Cor10.2)

High priest washed & dressed to serve in God's tent (Lev16.4&24)

Archaeology finds 48 baths (mikvaot) in temple complex (see Ax2)

Qumran community immersed members & proselytes for initiation.


Agent of Cleansing

by blood -- sin & guilt offerings / day of atonement (Lev16.19)

by water -- priests (Lev8.6) / leprosy (Lev14.) / separation (Num19.7)

"almost everything purified with blood" (Heb9.22) / the rest by water!


Covenant Making

covenant of forgiveness and renewal from God (Col2.11,12)

child of covenant vows to "hear & keep" all of the Lord's laws

As marriage (Mt19.6) - a Divine work: cleansed from sin & made alive


Born Again

To enter the kingdom, you must be born again -- Jesus (Jn3.3-5)

In rabbinical teaching immersion is referred to as a new birth.

The washing of regeneration and the renewal of the Holy Spirit (Tit3.4-7)


For Forgiveness

remission of sins (Ax2.38)

wash away sins (Ax22.16)

a clean conscience (1Pet3.21)


To Join Christ

in the name of Jesus (Ax19.1-7)

join Jesus in a new life (Rom6.3&4)

born child of God / put on Christ (Gal3.27)


Be cleansed of sin today by the blood of Jesus in the water of baptism!


notes by David Teel Saturday, February 28, 2015