The Law of Rationality

The Law of Rationality

We see in Job 38:33 that the Lord God set the laws of nature in place. This assures us that we live in an orderly universe. This is a blessing to us.

When we look at the definition of a law we can see it is very precise. A law of nature is defined as "a regularity which applies to all members of a broad class of phenomenon" (McGraw-Hill dictionary of science and technical terms).


It applies to "all" - not some or most - but all. There are no exceptions, it is universal. It applies here on the earth or the moon or to the far end of the galaxy.


We can not propose a theory that violates these laws. A scientific theory is an attempt to explain a certain class of phenomenon. A law of science trumps a theory if the two contradict one another.

The law of rationality in philosophy states: one should only draw those conclusions that are warranted by the evidence. If we draw a conclusion not supported by the evidence, that would be irrational.


Chicken Little kept saying, "The sky is falling" when it was not. An acorn fell on her head and she used that as evidence that the sky was falling.


This story is told as a fable about hysteria, but we can see the point here. When we look at evolution (or a-biogenesis) we should always ask, "Does the evidence support this conclusion?"

Our faith in God and the Lord Jesus is based on historical evidence, which is different from scientific evidence. Scientific evidence is repeatable, where history is not.


Evidence is not based on majority view, or emotion, or prejudice.

When we look at the universe by the first natural law (rationality), we have three choices.

1. The universe spontaneously generated.
2. The universe is eternal.
3. The universe was created.

In future installments, we will look at the first and second laws of thermodynamics and the law of causality.


I will finish with this quote that shows the prejudice of the scientific community.


"Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such a hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic". Dr. Scott Todd.

From the road and in Christ,