Grow in the Lord

Grow in the Lord!                                                        2 Peter 1.3-11


to those endowed with conviction of equal honor from holy God & Savior Jesus (v1)

favor & tranquility in life abound by experience with God & our Lord Jesus (v2)


Made Great Start! (3-4)

divine power > godly life full of excellent praise, from His virtue to His glory

discerning God > huge & honorable promises, see Him in divine sufficiency

divine nature < escaped lust that destroys the world, regenerate the degenerate


Now: To Grow (5-7)

do our part / introduce entire diligence - eager, forward personal effort

add = supply all necessary to furnish a choral dance performance

start with faith (pistis)= persuasion, conviction -- confidence in the gospel


  • virtue      (arÍte) = manliness, valor,      excellence / called by His to ours (v3)
  • knowledge      (gnosis) = awareness,      perception, understanding / increase (3.18)
  • self-control      (egkrateia) = continence,      temperance / fruit of the Spirit (Gal5.23)
  • perseverance      (hupomone) = cheerful endurance,      constancy / (Lk21.19 / Jas1.3)
  • godliness      (eusebeia) = piety, holiness /      goal of His calling (1.3) / prepping (3.11)
  • brotherly      kindness (philadelphia) = fraternal affection (Rom12.10      / 1Pet1.22)
  • love (agape) = benevolence, doing others      good,  (Rom13.10)


No Growth? (8-9)

barren / unfruitful -- not active, living abundantly, but negligently inactive & dead

shortsighted > blindness -- squinting at distant objects, hardly see even near things

forgetful of forgiveness -- willfully turning back on spiritual cleansing in Jesus


Make Great Finish! (10-11)

call & election sure -- don't fall short of His intention for you: make the goal

never stumble -- dispense with loss in pitfalls / make sure strides in heavenly way

abundant entrance -- as amply as these graces, the Lord will provide in-way


notes by David Teel Saturday, January 02, 2016


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