Love the LORD Your God

Love the LORD Your God


"Honey, do you still love me?" How do you answer that?

Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love me?" (Jn21.17) A: Lord, you know!


The Principle Rule Mt22.35-40

Exhorted 1st by Moses (Dt6.4&5) and repeated by Jews daily.

Quoted and urged by Jesus as the single Core Principle of life.


Only One God

Creator, Redeemer, Provider -- All in One God, Yahweh (Dt5.6)

"No other gods before* Me" (v7) / *= in addition to, except, besides

Means: There can be NO other gods in my heart & life.


The Myth of Priorities

By What Measure? amount of time given? deeds done?

OK to allow competing interests? safe to keep them together?

How do you 'arrange' a list of one? How many fit at center?


Testing for my real god...

What do I think about -- most of the time? heart set on?

What brings me greatest joy? heartache? concern?

What would I miss the most, if I were to lose it?


Chinese couple, being deported, could only take 200lbs of goods...


Enthroning God (Lk10.27)

Love = deep devotion, the spring of all voluntary compliance

"All heart / all life / all power / all mind." So, what is left of me?

There really is room for only one god in my heart (Mt6.24).


Whom Did Abraham Love?

When Called, Left Home (Heb11.8) & Worshipped often (Gen12.7 / 13.4&18)

When Promised, Wandered in Strange Land (Heb11.9&10)

When Asked, Offered His Son! Gen22.1-12 (Heb11.17-19)


Values Determine Choices

Worry / Anxiety OR Faith / Comfort? (Mt6.33)

Contentment OR Complaining? (Phil2.14&15)

Recreation OR Worship? Family OR Jesus? (Lk9.59&61)


Result of Loving God (Phil4.19&20 / 1Thess2.12)

Power of God: He guides & blesses > so I overcome & prosper

Life of God: fulfilled, satisfied, meaningful > truly alive

Glory of God: devoted life points toward His perfect beauty