The Eye is the Lamp

The Eye is the Lamp                                           Luke 11.33-36


Universal Figure

The 1st day: "Let there be... and there was... was good." (Gen1.3-5)

Every day experience > figure of speech: "In the dark / saw the light."

Wisdom Lit: God & His provisions (Psa18.28 / Isa60.19 > Rev21.23)


Gift of Sight (Lk11.34)

organ of the eye (ophthalmos) -- sensing light, interpreted by mind

facilitated by lamp (luchnos) -- candle, illuminator

single (haplous) -- knit together, in unity, focused


Three Applications:

1) Disciples' Witness: Mt5.14-16

You are... the salt, the light. City on a hill.

Not hidden -- who lights a lamp to hide it? "Let your light shine."

World will ask, "Who illuminated these people?" > Glory to your Father.


2) Value System: Mt6.22&23

location of treasure: here or above? (vs19-21) -- its Drawing Power.

The "evil eye:" one tainted by greed and envy. See Mt20.15.

To serve One Master (v24) - single focus on pleasing Him.


3) Seeing Jesus: Luke 11

seeking a sign from heaven (v16): "we don't have enough light"

Verdict (v29): this generation is blind! more light but less sight! (vs30-32)

Light has flooded onto the scene. Do you see it? or are you blind?


Spiritual Blindness

the bad eye (poneros): degenerate, sick, diseased, double vision > stumbling > fall

Negative Vision (Isa5.20): reversing black for white, self-suiting perversity

"There is none so blind..." (John Heywood, 1546)


Judicial Blindness

Will not see >> Cannot see (Isa6.9&10 / Isa29.10 / Isa44.18 / Rom11.8-10)

Believe in the light -- while your can OR lose your sight - forever (Jn12.35-41)

Watch (skopeo) your eyes! (Lk11.35) Urgent: spiritual eye exam.


Christ the Light

Messiah came to give light (Lk1.79 / John1.4 / 8.12 / 9.5 / 12.46)

Divine Glory in the Face of Christ (2Cor4.6 / Heb1.3)

Children of Light, let Christ light your way (Eph5.8,14).


Note: He shines from His word (Psa119.105 / v130 / 2Pet1.19).


Life with Christ is a life FULL of light! (Luke11.36)