Help the Church Grow

What Can I Do to Help the Church Grow?

The Lord's church (Mt16.18): He adds to it (Acts2.47) & is the Savior (Eph5.22).


Commit to Grow

step #1: godly passion. Not wish, but yearning prayer (Rom10.1/15.23)

cost of change -- share space, time, patterns with new people - unselfishly

condition of growth: every seed must die in order to grow (Jn12.24-26)


Get Involved

mobilize the sheep! every single member must be healthy (1Cor12.14)

if we are dependent on one person -- we cannot grow beyond his resources

in a healthy body every part is active (Eph4.16) / Aside: involve the children


What's missing from this CH_ _CH?


Reach Out

the commission is "Go" not "make them come to you." (Mk16.15)

yes, to present members who need support (1Thess5.14)

and, to newcomers: Engage & Invite (when come: welcome and assist!)


Fulfill Your Ministry

why am I here? in general, to seek and to serve (Mt20.28)

mission possible: discover your gift -- and put it to work! (tool in God's work shed)

Fill it up (Col4.17). "Keep on being completely who you were made to be."


Make Substantive Change

fresh paint on a house with crumbing foundation? a car with a dead engine?

we must address the heart of who we are (Mt12.35)

become the people who will win other people to the Lord (Phil2.14-16)


Maintain the Fundamentals

we never outgrow resurrection (1Cor15.1,2) / faith, repentance and baptism (Heb6.1-3)

children need taught the narrative of scripture (not trite moralities)

always learning - & maturing: able to teach others also (Heb5.12-14)


Stay Connected

how well do you know your brothers? their troubles? their needs? ("one another")

visiting and living together keeps us together -- physically & spiritually

we cannot get 'too much hospitality' (unless you're church of one!) (Heb13.1-3)


Talk It Up

we compulsively discuss what we are passionate about (see step 1).

ask everyone you meet if they know Jesus / or would like to (Jn1.43-45)

pray to God about our work to glorify Him - & expect results (Mk11.24)


A Healthy Body: eat right, play hard, work smart, rest well > & Grow!