Passion of Christ

The Passion of the Christ -- Matthew 27.24-50

the pinnacle of His life: his passion (suffering) Acts1.3 / 17.3 / 26.23



       Foretold: must suffer - preparing the disciples (Mt16.21 / 17.12)

       Memorialized Beforehand: "My body & blood" (Mt26.26-29)

       He struggles in earnest prayer in the garden (Mt26.38&39)

       Betrayed by a follower -- for just 30 silver pieces (Mt26.14-16 / 47-49)

       Stood -- under false accusation -- before Jewish court (Mt26.59-61)

       Denied by His most ardent - & promising -- follower (Mt26.69-75)

       The betrayer -- realizing He was condemned -- hangs himself (Mt27.3-5)

       Stood before governor's bench -- yet giving no defense (Mt27.11-14)

       Pilate offers a trade, but people insist on executing Jesus (Mt27.21-23)


His Story

24-26 Delivered to be crucified -- prepared by scourging (Isa50.6 / 52.12 / 53.3-6)

27-31 Sport of Roman soldiers -- mocking the 'king of Jews'

32-38 Execution:

  • cross-bearer:      Cyrenean Simon (Mt16.24)
  • place:      Golgotha (Heb gulgoleth = head / skull)
  • gall: wine      infused with bitter sedative -- refused (Jn18.11)
  • crucified:      Gk (stauro) = hung on a post / gruesome Roman execution
  • garments      divided (Psa22.16-18) -- no thing left to Him
  • accusation      posted: Jehoshua (Yahweh Saves), Judah's Sovereign
  • two      criminals also hung, one on each side -- vile associates

39-44 Mocking:

  • passers-by      make sport -- a public spectacle (Psa89.50&51)
  • Jewish      leadership blaspheme their King (Psa22.7,8)
  • even      robbers chide, reproach, revile Him

45-50 Offering:

  • darkness      from noon to 3pm (Gal3.13)
  • forsaken:      treated as a sinful creature (2Cor5.21)
  • misunderstood      -- not crying for a prophet (Psa22.1)
  • expired      -- work done, final breath, life over (Jn19.30)



       Women look on from a distance (vs55&56)

       A friendly rich leading Jew buries the body (vs57-61)

       Jews secure the tomb by setting a guard (vs62-66)

       Something special happens on Sunday (Mt28.6&9)


Why His Passion?

The Christ must suffer, be raised, and enter His glory (Lk24.26&46)

He suffered once -- at the end of time - to put away sin (Heb9.26)

He suffered for sins, to bring us to God (1Pet3.18)

Hallelujah! What a Savior!