How to Be a Pharisee

How to Be a Pharisee

toward a better understanding of a famous character


The Excellent Pharisee

Heb parash -- to separate / a religious separatist / a sect of Jews -- 100X in NT

Practiced strict religion: fast often (Mt9.14) / gave 1/10th of all (Mt23.23)

Zealous for the word of God -- esp taught applications (Mt12.2 / 15.2)

Some Invited Jesus to Dinner -- 2X (Lk7.36 / 11.37)

Leaders in Jewish society (Ax5.34) - a voice of reason

The background of Apostle Paul (Ax23.6 / 26.5 / Phil3.5)


How to Be a Pharisee

Avoid company of sinful people (Mt9.11)

Thankful not like sinful people (Lk18.11)

Discredit false teaching by accusation (Mt9.34 / 12.24)

Firmly defend religious practices (Mt15.2)   

Test other teaching with Hard Questions (Mt19.3)

Teach God's Law & Do Not Practice It (Mt23.3)

Have a Show & Tell Religion / Hypocrite (Mt23.5&7 / 25&28)

Make Disciples of Self (Mt23.13-15)

Bind Applications with False Distinctions (Mt23.16ff)

Strain at Details of Religion (Mt23.23a)

Build up Monuments (Mt23.29)


On Second Thought

Conspired to kill Jesus (Mt12.14 / 22.15)

We must do better! (Mt5.20)

& beware the influence (Mt16.6,12)


How to NOT be a Pharisee

Accept God's Prophets & Preachers (Mt23.34) -- test & receive them

Be Clean on Inside (Mt23.26) - with devoted heart (Mt12.35)

Major on Principles (Mt23.23b) - Minor on Applications

Honor God by Honesty (Mt23.20-22) - Mindful of Him always

Reverence Father God & Lord Jesus (Mt23.9-12) -- not about men

Practice what you Preach (Mt23.3) - Be Genuine, heart to hands

Accept Divine Intention (Mt19.6&8) - His will for My Life

Be Rooted in Word of God (Mt15.3) -- every one of His commands

Offer pardon & peace to everyone (Mt9.10) -- all inclusive grace

Be Religious to God (Mt6.3&4 / 6 / 17&18) -- to Whom & for Whom are All Things.


How to be a Christian

Become & Help others be a Disciple of Christ (Mt28.19)

Honor God's plan for your life - by being baptized (Lk7.29&30)


the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.  (Acts 11:26)