Do I Doubt That?

Do I Doubt That...?



Believers Do Doubt

process of conviction: unbelief > question > testing > proof > faith

healthy to Q: buying snake oil? a used car? just any theology?

remember the stories of... Abram, Moses, Gideon


Occasions of Doubt

hard experience - Examples: Elijah (1Kgs19.4) John B (Lk7.19)

limited knowledge (Mk12.24) / OR eyes to see (Rom11.10)

leading view (Jn7.48) or threat of harm (Jn9.22) or popularity (Jn12.42)


Do I Doubt That...?"(2Cor13.5)

1 Humanity Needs Saving

or are we simply good, decent people? (Beware Humanism.)

None righteous. No, not one! (Rom3.9-19) -- the entire human race


2 Jesus Came to Earth

many wonder, "Who is this?" (Mt21.10) even some disciples (Mt28.17)

yes, God came to save us, and He's coming back (Heb3.1 / 4.14 / 10.23)


3 Baptism is Essential

bend to popular view of 'faith only' vs. 'works salvation'

solid examples: Acts8.12&36/ 10.47 / children of God (Gal3.26&27)


4 Church is Important

'not saved "by" the church but "in" the church (Eph5.23, 25-27)

all the saved are members of the church of Christ (Mt16.18)


5 God Can Do Anything

Peter walked on / sank in the lake (Mt14.31) Q: Reason to doubt?

Even the 'impossible' Mk9.23> So, Pray! (vs28&29)


6 Prayer is Effective

"Elijah was a man" (Jas5.16b-18) "and he prayed fervently..."

mountains will move -- if I ask and do not doubt (Mt21.21&22)


7 God Delivers His Own

we may doubt people (Gal4.20) -- they will falter & fail

believe God (2Tim1.12) - He will deliver! (2Thess3.3 / 1Pet5.10)


Intellectual faith =/= or >> a confident heart

many levels to believe: mind, emotion, will > action

our actions often speak contrary to our professions (Tit1.16)

to strengthen faith: come to Jesus & His word (Mt11.3 / 14.30 / Mk9.24)