Teach Me Your Ways

Teach Me Your Ways - Psa25

prayer for help / & praise for Yahweh, Great Guide & Covenant God

acrostic arrangement, each verse begins with letter of Hebrew alphabet


Times of Trouble

Pursued by Jealous Saul (1Sam18)

Straying with Bathsheba (2Sam11)

Rebellion of Son Absalom (2Sam15)


Most Earnest Prayer

Lifting up the whole self to God (v1)

Dependent on Him continually (v5)

Including petition for others (v2&22)


Hungry for Help

Show Me! (v4) / Guide Me! (v5)

Remember Me! (v7) / Pardon Me! (v11)

Keep Me! (v13) / Guard Me! (v20)



ready to shame & harass believers (v2)

un-provoked traitors / disloyal / treacherous (v3)

sets a trap to catch the righteous (v14)

multiplied violent haters of good (v19)


Covenant God

dependable in loyal love (vs6,7,10)

good & upright / just & true (v8)

gracious and forgiving (vs11,16,18)

teaching, training, instructive (vs8,9,12)



trusts & calls on the LORD (vs1,2)

relies on Him to deliver (v3)

looks always to Him (v15)

lives in integrity (v21)


Conditional Deliverance

who is forgiven? the penitent, confessing (v7)

who is taught? the humble & meek (v12)

who in covenant? the LORD-fearing (vs10&14)


Secret to Success

Not alone (we cannot), but with the LORD

Lean on Him: forgiveness, training, guidance

Victory is Secure for the Friend of God (v14)