A Review

A review 
We see the universe did not create itself and that it is not eternal because it would have run out of usable energy and we would be in heat death.
The only real alternative is that the universe was created by Someone outside of the universe.  In order for this to happen that Someone has to be greater than the universe.  This is because all things in the universe  have a cause.  The cause has to be greater than the effect, that is God , the first cause.
When we look at cause and effect we know that a fly landing on a book will not knock the book off the table. The fly is not a great enough cause to do this.
We look at a computer and we see that the programmer can change the program.  This is because the programmer created the program and is a great enough cause to make the effect of a program change.
The question is asked, "Who created God?"  God is not material but spirit and does not need a cause. God being a spirit is the first cause. 
It is impossible to prove that God exists or does not exist by science. We have to look at the evidence and make an informed decision. 
We know that the universe had a beginning and we see life comes from life. We looked at the probability of life self starting at 1 to 10^40,000.  To put that in perspective,  probability is between 1 and 0. One means it will happen and zero means it will not happen. If our zero to one is one mile then we would not move the diameter of an atomic from zero before our chances are up.
The atheist says, "We don't know how but that does not mean God did it". Our answer would be , "How do you know God did not do it if you don't know how it was done"? 
Keep the faith in Christ.