Amazing Jesus

Amazing Jesus                                                              Luke8.22-25


Encountering Jesus

Sailing across the lake with disciples, Jesus sleeps in boat.

Windstorm tossed, they awaken the Master, who calms wind & wave.

In fright & amazement, they wonder, "WHO IS THIS?"


Reacting to Jesus

"Son of the Most High God" (Luke8.28) > casting out demons.

Herdsmen saw / villagers told, observed > frightened > "depart" (34-37)

Jairus bows in reverence (v41) and woman reaches out (v44).

He says death is but sleeping, and they laugh at Him (vs52&53).


What Is Amazing?

His gracious words (Lk4.22) / His powerful words (4.36)

His extraordinary deeds (5.26) / "the people marveled" (11.14)

His non-traditional life (11.38) / His different perspective (20.26)


Gk: thaumazo (46x) = to wonder, to marvel, to admire

literally: to look closely at, with prolonged gaze


Why We Wonder?

We don't know who we're looking for (ignorance).

We already have an idea of who He is (prejudice).

We're not really ready to meet God (unspiritual).


Who He IS

He raises a dead man to life, "God has visited his people!" (7.16)

Angels & demons are spiritual; they know Him (1.32 // 8.28)

"How much God has done" = "How much Jesus had done." (8.39)

He casts out a demon, "Astonished at the majesty of God." (9.43)


Continues with Apostles

The crowds gathered for Pentecost marvel at Spirit in Apostles (Acts2.7)

They marvel at the healing given a lame man (3.12)

And at the bold speech of Galileans who had been with Jesus (4.13)

Disciple amazed at the conversion of their persecutor (9.21)


Jesus Himself is Amazed

At the stubborn unbelief of His own home town (Mk6.6)

At the unquestionable faith of a Roman Centurion (Luke7.9)

He inquires of the disciples, "Where is your faith?" (8.25)


Jesus IS wonderful! Absolutely Amazing. When we see Him, we will marvel.