Hinduism 2

            To the western mind Hinduism might seem to be a very complicated religion. There are a whole host of gods and things worshiped. 

            Truth is the goal of life for the Hindu and is defined as Moksha. This is being free from the repeated cycles of births and deaths. When this cycle is broken the Hindu realizes unity or oneness with Brahman, their chief god. (We will discuss reincarnation later). Hinduism is a religion, a culture, a tradition, and a way of life that is pious in the name of their god. 

            Brahman is the one supreme soul from which everything came from. The main function of Brahman is to create.
            Vishnu is their god that sustains the created universe. 
            Shiva is the destroyer and is in charge of the next "dissolution" before the next time cycle. For the Hindu time is circular and not linear.

            Along with these three gods and their consorts Hindus also worship and or revere some animals, rivers, mountains, and other objects.

            The Hindus have four sacred books called the Vedas. They are the Rig, the Yajur, the Atharva,  and the Sama.

            In Christianity there is only one God or Divine nature. God is the only One to be worshipped because He is the Creator. When we look at Roman's 1:18ff we can learn how man has fallen off the real path to truth. See verses 22 and 23. The creation is not to be worshipped and God shows good reason for this.
            We can also look at 2 Kings 18:20ff to see that Baal was not a real god and that the LORD of Hosts is the only real God. In Acts 17 - where Paul speaks to the Greeks about their 'unknown god' - is beneficial about who the true God is and about His Being.

            I hope this is useful to you.


In Christ and from the road,