Healed by His Wounds

Messianic Prophecy in Matthew - Part 4

Healed by His Wounds - Mt8.14-17 < Isa53.4


Healing in Galilee

Leper cleansed / healed (vs1-4)

Centurion's Servant healed (vs5-13)

Peter's Mom-in-law made well (vs14&15)

Many demon-possessed and sick (v16)


and all this healing fulfills Isa 53.4...


Isa, son of Amoz, prophet of God (758-699BC)

Esaias (21x in NT) Greek for Heb "YeshawYah" = Yah Saves

Paul declares that Isa spoke by the Holy Spirit (Acts28.25)


Isaiah's Foretelling: Ch53.1-12 Suffering Servant

of all the prophet's work, this probably the most intriguing

v1 Our Report? - "The nation acknowledges with penitence how shamefully it has mistaken its own Saviour." (K&D)

"Who would have thought that Yahweh would work like this?!" (GNB)

> John12.37&38 HOW revealed? by faith - when seeing His signs.

v2 Insignificant, unimpressive (in fact marred beyond recognition - 52.14)

v3 belittled and rejected / shunned - turned away in disgust

"Blessed is the man who doesn't fall away because of Me." Mt11.6 > Psa69.5-10


Isa53.4: "borne our griefs and carried our sorrows" (AV)

borne = lift, accept, carry / grief = malady, anxiety, calamity

carry = bear a burden / sorrows = anguish, affliction, pain

Though we considered Him cursed!


v5 It was our fault He suffered so. Brings us peace thru His great turmoil.

v6 Why? We are selfishly wayward - but He willing to be punished in our stead!

Note: Who laid OUR sin on Him? Yahweh did. How? The agency of men: WE brought our illness to Him. WE treated him as outcast. WE rejected and killed Him.

How did He respond? Defensive? Reluctant? He accepted Our burden of waste.


What Does Matthew's Connection (8.17) Mean?

Option1: Matt's 'this is that' indexes Isa53 to primarily physical healing

Option2: Matt is making application to a secondary portion of the Isa53 text

Option3: Matt references a symptom of the broader mission of the Messiah


Opt1 - Bodily Health in the Atonement?

1. Earth life is cursed & temporary (because of sin)

2. Not all are healed - even during Jesus' life-time (Paul, Epaphroditus, Timothy)

3. The real 'disease' is something else...


Opt2 - Big Picture in Isa53 is Reconciliation of Sinful Humanity

at most, physical healing is proof of greater gift (Mk2.10&11)


Option3 - Messiah's Mission: Whole Cure for Sin

Sharing in the Illness of Humanity

each healing at His expense: sighing (Mk7.34) / troubled (Jn11.33)

This same spirit of service took Him all the way to the cross.

Carried the weight of our infirmities (Heb4.12)

Became poor to make us rich (2Cor8.9)

Jesus Cures ALL the Effects of Sin: guilt, shame, illness, death

(The remedy? forgiveness. The permanent cure? a new heart)


Do You REALLY Believe?

Look at the living sacrifice of Jesus: What do you see?


If so, you will 'obeyed the gospel!' > Rom10.16 (Be reconciled! 2Cor5.20&21)

If so, you will quit sinning! > 1Pet2.21-25 (Live for right-ness! Rom6.12-14)

If so, you will give Him your burdens! > 1Pet5.7 (Be strong in Him! 2Cor12.8-10)


How Else Could He Give Us a Perfect Eternity? Rev21.2-4