The LORD Is My Rock

The LORD is My Rock - Psalm 18

public reading: vs1-6 / study further - to v31


You've done your best and been rewarded. Suddenly, your king turns on you in a jealous rage. He makes numerous attempts on your life, finally chasing you away into the wilderness. You narrowly escape, hiding in caves, living in seclusion. Who cares?


Psa 18 a prayer of praise & assurance / a warrior song - of conflict & victory.

Intro Words: included by the prophet in 2Sam22. his intro there reads: v1



v1 Love: your Dedicationto Yahweh and His ways - manifest in right living

v2 Clearly Identify the Source of your aid

  • Rock = lofty crag / Fortress = castle, defense,      stronghold
  • Deliverer = escape, carried away      safe
  • Mountain = strong boulder / in      Whom I trust - as protection, security
  • Shield = protector / Horn = projection, peak of power,      might
  • Stronghold = lofty, inaccessible      cliff

v3 Ask Him for help - and None Else! (As Hannah also: 1Sam2.2)

vs4&5 Certain Hazardfrom Evil Men: to be trapped in nets of darkness & death!

v6 In constraint - Cryto the heavens! into His temple & ear - Yahweh is Sure to Hear



v7-15 Thunderous Divine Response! (Depicted in Storm / both danger & delivery)

            How Awesome in Power is He! (pictured in a raging, rattling storm)

v16 Reveling in His Rescue: from heaven to me!

v17 Remember Who is the Stronger- not enemies, nor self

v18 When man would injure / The LORD will Always Strengthen!

  • 1Sam23.16      Friends can remind you of the true source of your strength
  • 1Sam30.6      Later, when all others fail, you must remind yourself of Who God Is.



v19 Secure out in the Open! (Free to Live Right) / based on His Love for me.

v20 Committed to HolyLiving: rightness & cleanness

v21 His Revelation of goodness must be Remembered, followed - not deserted

v22&23 Thoughtful devotion. Meditation, Contemplation. True respect: Obedience.

v24 He kindly provides Carefor those who care for His ways.

v25-26 He treats us as He is treated by us: either faithful, blameless or twisted.

v27 Divine Favorites? Yes, He favors the lowly, humble, meek, gentle


v28 True Light of life - to see through the darkness - let Him shine.

v29 Mighty IN the LORD. No mountain too high! (Mt21.21)

v30 God of proven perfection - His word as pure gold: A Sure Shield to confide in.

v31 The Only God: Yahweh. The Only Rock.


Is the LORD / Yahweh, the Eternal One / Your Rock?